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Instagram Tests Forcing Users to Watch Advertisements

Instagram is testing a new feature called "ad break" that restricts users from skipping ads. Users must view the entire advertisement before they may continue normal browsing. Meta, Instagram's parent company, is always experimenting with new advertising methods.

The platform is experimenting with a feature called "ad break" that inhibits users from skipping commercials. Unlike the present capability, which allows users to swipe or scroll past commercials, this new feature compels them to view the entire ad before returning to normal browsing.

Images posted online show a countdown timer that appears before users may resume full operation. Instagram acknowledges this change by stating, "Sometimes you may need to view an ad before you can keep browsing." Meta's platform confirms that this is an ongoing trial.

In a statement, Instagram stated that they are continually experimenting new ad formats to bring value to advertisers. They also stated that if the trial is successful, they will explore making permanent format modifications. Instagram's parent company, Meta, adding that they are constantly experimenting with new products and ad solutions to meet consumer trends and business demands.

While the impact on advertising is yet to be observed, users have expressed discontent with the new feature. One Threads user termed it "bonkers" and accused Meta of making an aggressive approach to increase ad money. Some users have even recommended boycotting the platform entirely, claiming they will simply stop scrolling.

It's worth mentioning that Instagram isn't the first internet company to require mandatory ad watching. YouTube, for example, shows non-skippable advertising to users who do not subscribe to the ad-free premium tier. Advertisers on YouTube can target viewers with non-skippable advertising videos that last 15 to 30 seconds. In addition, they can run shorter "bumper ads" of up to six seconds.

In reaction to such measures, some users have turned to ad-blocking software and browser extensions to avoid delays caused by advertisements. However, YouTube's parent firm, Google, is actively working to battle ad blocks.

Interestingly, a TikTok study published in January found that forcing users to watch advertising may result in lower engagement. According to the survey, more than 70% of participants were more likely to engage with an ad if they could choose to skip it.

  • Instagram is testing a new feature called "ad break" that prevents users from skipping past advertisements.

  • Users are required to view the entire ad before they can resume normal browsing.

  • Meta, the parent company of Instagram, is constantly experimenting with new ad solutions.

Source: BBC

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