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Blue Tribe India's Food Tech Upstart Establishes SEA Presence in Singapore

The food tech scene in Singapore will be receiving a new plant-based champion soon as Blue Tribe – India's fast-growing food tech startup – has selected the Southeast Asian country as its regional launchpad.

Credit: Blue Tribe

The move will include bringing over its extensive experience with South Asian palates and big plans to drive forward the alternative meat sector.

According to Blue Tribe, choosing to take off into Southeast Asia from Singapore is due to several factors. This includes the large Indian population already present in the country and multiple plant-based meat producers setting up shops in the island nation. With this venture, it plans to extend the reach of its partners, namely Nature’s Basket, Benzers, Foodhall and Society Stores.

With demand for meat alternatives now on the rise, there is no doubt that this trendy food movement has gone past the fad or fame period.

Ensuring its presence is further reinforced and meeting the growing demand for meat-free food, Blue Tribe has already brought in its signature line of products into Singapore. This includes plant-based chicken sausage, chicken nuggets, chicken keema and mutton keema. Supermarket brands that carry these items are Avighna Store, Waangoo, Melville Park Supermarket, Kalam Minimart, Amman Indian grocery store, Maha Mart, KVRS, Amba Ji International, Malar, Saastha and Fresh Foods Supermarket.

Credit: Blue Tribe

For those who prefer to shop online, now carries various foods from Blue Tribe as well.

“After gaining massive traction among our dedicated Indian clientele, Blue Tribe is thrilled to build on that success by bringing our unique, planet-friendly foods to Singapore, where demand for plant-based meat is surging,” said Sandeep Singh, Co-Founder of Blue Tribe. He also shared how he and his team noticed that there is a clear market gap for meat alternatives and he knew that bringing Blue Tribe to Singapore is the right step forward.

  • Indian food-tech startup Blue Tribe is expanding into Southeast Asia and made Singapore its first stop

  • It already rolled out its signature line of plant-based products into various supermarkets around the city-state

  • With Blue Tribe launching in SEA, plant-based food can no longer be considered a passing fad

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