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  • Mikhail Ow

Google Pixel Watch 2 Review: The Pixel Watch Has An Upgrade!

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

The Google Pixel Watch 2 has the difficult task of improving upon its predecessor while facing stiff competition from other top smartwatches.

Google has retained the same circular design as the original Pixel Watch, which remains one of the cleanest-looking smartwatches on the market. The 41mm case is made from recycled aluminium this time, making it 10% lighter than the stainless steel of the first model. At just 58g and 12.3mm thick, it is definitely comfortable enough to wear 24/7.

While some may find the single available size too small, I have no issues with it on my 6.9-inch wrist. Water resistance has also improved with the IP68 rating.

There are different case colours available: Polished Silver, Matte Black and Champagne Gold. Google and its partners offer various band colours and styles as well. However, prices for these additional bands range from SGD$70-$120 which is quite steep compared to other manufacturers' options. Third-party bands should also work, given the standard lug width.


Performance is where the Pixel Watch 2 really shines. It provides lag-free, buttery smooth navigation through apps and menus thanks to the Snapdragon W5 Gen 1 chip. This makes the overall user experience quite enjoyable. Fitness tracking is also robust, with accurate heart rate, sleep, and GPS metrics. The revamped Fitbit app complements this well and makes reviewing health data a breeze.

Battery Life

Battery life has always been a challenge for Pixel Watches. While Google claims the Pixel Watch 2 can last a full 24 hours on a single charge, you might find it only reaching around 18 hours under regular use. In my testing, enabling activity tracking, notifications, and the always-on display saw the watch deplete its battery before the day was over.

That said, charging times have improved over the original thanks to the new pogo pin design. A full 0-100% charge takes around 75 minutes, which is decently fast in the smartwatch world. The pogo pins generate less heat during charging compared to wireless pads, likely helping extend the battery lifespan over time.

While daily charging is still required, which may be inconvenient for you on some occasions, the charging speed is respectable.The Pixel Watch 2 performs admirably during the day with its robust feature set. So unless you need a multi-day battery, it should see you through a typical day before needing to be juiced up overnight. Overall battery life remains average rather than excellent, but the watch makes up for it in other key areas.


Connectivity on the Pixel Watch 2 has also been improved compared to its predecessor. It now supports both Bluetooth 5.0 and Wi-Fi, in addition to NFC for contactless payments. Bluetooth connectivity to pair with Android and iOS phones is reliable within the stated 10m range.

I experienced no dropouts during phone calls or when streaming music. Wi-Fi connectivity allows for downloading updates and using standalone apps without a nearby phone. There is also a cellular version available that supports eSIM for LTE connectivity, allowing basic phone calls and using messaging apps without your phone. However, this model carries a higher price tag and monthly service fees through your carrier.


The updated Wear OS also allows for restoring backups and switching phones more seamlessly. A plus for me is the availability of the official WhatsApp app free of charge. Other brands’ smartwatches, in comparison, only allow third-party options for the messaging app and they cost money to use.

The Fitbit integration on the Google Pixel Watch 2 provides robust health and fitness tracking capabilities. It offers comprehensive sleep monitoring that analyses stages of sleep along with heart rate variability to provide useful insights. The watch supports over 20 goal-based exercise modes to track metrics during workouts. It also utilises Active Zone Minutes to monitor time spent in different heart rate zones and help you meet weekly cardio targets. Another standout feature is the Daily Readiness Score, which assesses your preparedness for intense exercise based on activity and sleep patterns.

The Pixel Watch 2 also enables menstrual health tracking and guided breathing sessions to help lower stress. All health data syncs seamlessly to the revamped Fitbit app for easy viewing of trends over time. While advanced analytics require a Fitbit Premium subscription, the Pixel Watch 2 offers many free tracking functions to support an active lifestyle.

Pricing and Availability

There are two options for you to choose from. If you don't need cellular, the Bluetooth/Wi-Fi version could prove sufficient as long as your phone is within range. Notifications, messages, and other alerts come through quickly. However, if you want to use the watch as a standalone device of sorts, then it’s best to go with the more expensive 4G LTE version. However, only the Bluetooth/Wifi version is available in Singapore.

Bluetooth + Wifi


The Pixel Watch 2 is available from the Google Store, Best Buy, Amazon, and other major retailers. The new wearable improves upon the original, delivering a smoother experience, more health tools, and improved durability. While battery life remains a slight inconvenience, it’s not enough to stop the watch from offering the best overall package for Android users.

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