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Google to Manufacture Pixel Smartphones in India

Updated: Jan 8

Google, a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc., has announced its plans to start manufacturing smartphones in India.

Pixel 8 Phone
Credits: REUTERS

The company's flagship device, the Pixel 8, will be available in the country next year.

This move by the tech giant is in line with the trend of global companies setting up manufacturing facilities in India.

At a Google for India event, Rick Osterloh, Senior Vice President of Devices and Services, stated that Google will collaborate with both international and domestic manufacturers to produce smartphones locally.

Osterloh emphasized the importance of the Indian market for Pixel smartphones, expressing the company's commitment to providing the best hardware and software capabilities to users across the country.

Although specific details regarding the number of smartphones to be manufactured and the location of the factories were not immediately disclosed, Google's expansion into smartphone manufacturing in India reflects its strategic focus on the country's growing market.

In addition to smartphone manufacturing, Google also announced plans to integrate a feature in its Google Maps app that will allow users to book metro tickets directly. This move aims to enhance the convenience and functionality of the app for Indian users.

Furthermore, Google Pay, one of the largest payment apps in India, will collaborate with Indian non-bank lender DMI Finance to offer small loans to merchants, starting at 15,000 rupees. This expansion into lending services comes at a time when there is a high demand for small personal loans in India.

India is a key growth market for Google, with a majority of smartphones in the country running on its Android ecosystem. However, the company also faces challenges in the form of business and regulatory issues. Google has encountered legal challenges to its in-app policies from startups and companies like Disney. Additionally, it is involved in several antitrust battles, including one related to alleged abuse of its position in the Android market.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has welcomed Google's plans to establish a global fintech operations center at the Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT). This move further solidifies Google's commitment to expanding its presence in India.

  • Google will begin manufacturing smartphones in India, with the Pixel 8 set to be available next year.

  • The company will partner with international and domestic manufacturers for local production.

  • Google aims to provide the best hardware and software capabilities to Indian users.


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