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Google Introduces Metal Watch Bands for Pixel Watch

Google addresses lack of watch band variety with the release of metal links band for Pixel Watch

Pixel Watch band
Credits: Ron Amadeo

When the Pixel Watch debuted in October, it showed promise as a first-generation smartwatch, albeit with limited band options. Now, eight months later, Google has taken a significant step forward by introducing metal watch bands. The "Google Pixel Watch Metal Links Band" was briefly available for purchase on the Google Store, quickly selling out. Priced at $200, it aligns with Samsung's and Apple's offerings.

Pixel Watch band
Credits: Ron Amadeo

The Google Pixel Watch Metal Links Band offers exceptional quality and a premium feel, comparable to luxury watch bands. With a substantial weight and a sturdy clasp section, it delivers a premium experience. The band's attachment mechanism employs an internal spring bar system, providing a secure and convenient connection. The inclusion of a set of tweezers simplifies the process of compressing the spring bar to detach the links from the band. Additionally, a cleverly designed ramp system eliminates the need for fiddling with left and right holes, making the band assembly effortless.

Pixel Watch band
Credits: Ron Amadeo

Prior to this release, the Pixel Watch lacked the style diversity offered by competitors like Apple and Samsung, who provide a wide range of watch bands to suit various preferences. Initially, Google offered five bands made of rubber, cloth, or leather. The absence of a traditional metal watch band has been rectified with the introduction of the metal links band.

While the availability of the metal links band is a positive step, it highlights ongoing supply chain challenges faced by Google. Despite being sold out, the waitlist option indicates that demand outstripped supply. Additionally, Google's other planned metal watch band, the "Metal Mesh Band," was scrapped due to quality issues, according to a company spokesperson.

As users eagerly await the Pixel Watch 2, it is hoped that Google will continue to refine its offerings. The proprietary connection system used by the metal links band raises expectations that the same connector will be utilized in future iterations.

  • Google has addressed the limited watch band variety for the Pixel Watch by introducing a metal links band.

  • Priced at $200, the band offers a premium feel and secure attachment mechanism.

  • The Pixel Watch previously lacked the style diversity provided by competitors.

  • Supply chain challenges persist, with the metal links band quickly selling out.

  • The planned metal mesh band was canceled due to quality concerns.

  • The use of a proprietary connection system in the metal links band suggests continuity for future Pixel Watch iterations.

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