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Google AI Chatbot Bard's Reach in Europe and Brazil, Challenging Microsoft's ChatGPT

Alphabet introduces Bard, an AI chatbot, to Europe and Brazil, marking its significant expansion since February.

Credits: REUTERS

Bard competes with Microsoft-backed ChatGPT, offering human-like conversations and multiple language support.

As excitement and caution surround AI advancements, companies like Alphabet, Google's parent company, invest heavily to tap into advertising and cloud revenue. Meanwhile, Elon Musk launches his AI startup xAI, featuring former engineers from Google, Microsoft and OpenAI.

Alphabet's AI chatbot Bard, known for its human-like interactions, extends its capabilities globally. Users can now collaborate with Bard in over 40 languages, including Arabic, Chinese, German, Hindi and Spanish. Google introduces new features allowing users to customise Bard's tone, style and responses. Additionally, conversations can be pinned, renamed and exported to various platforms, while image usage in prompts is enabled.

To address concerns raised by local privacy regulators, Google's senior product director, Jack Krawczyk, stated that the company met with watchdogs to ensure transparency, choice and control. Amar Subramanya, engineering vice president of Bard, emphasized that users can opt out of data collection. However, Google faces a new class action lawsuit in the U.S. alleging the misuse of personal information for training its AI system.

When questioned about potential plans for a Bard app, Subramanya referred to it as an experiment, stating that Google aims to be bold and responsible. Recent web user statistics indicate a decline in monthly traffic and unique visitors to ChatGPT's website in June, suggesting a possible decline in novelty appeal.

  • Alphabet's AI chatbot Bard expands its reach in Europe and Brazil, rivalling Microsoft's ChatGPT.

  • Bard and ChatGPT offer human-like conversations using generative AI.

  • Companies invest heavily in AI to capitalise on advertising and cloud revenue.

Source: Reuters

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