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  • Liling Tan

“Going LIVE” – Get Smarter At Home With Lenovo

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

We partnered with Lenovo to take their launch event virtually, hosting our very first show on Facebook Live, with our host Melissa Tan and our special guest Chiou Huey. For a 30 minute show, it took us a few weeks to finalise the content and make sure we have the best technical set up to deliver a smooth stream. 

Like any content, we will try to be as creative as possible but we also need to take into consideration of the technical restrictions. Simple things like banners, text overlays and tiling of individual video calls, can make the video more accessible and interesting but if we have too many of these elements, it can also be a challenge to manage the Live edit. As such creating more risk and prone to mistakes. So one needs to take all these into consideration and take a balance approach between creativity and technical restriction when setting up a Live video.

Anything can happen in a Live show. Internet lags, technical failure, overrun, underrun, talent dropout, and many more such things could happen in any show production. The biggest problem is that it is Live and there are no “edit it out” or “photoshop it” options. Everything happens in tandem and it is important that everyone knows the plan and stick to plan. Technical rehearsal, dry run and full rehearsals are crucial if you want things to go smoothly. These rehearsals not only allow everyone involved to know what others are doing but can also help to detect potential issues that might arise during the livestream.

What happen if things don’t go according to plan during the Live show? Have a plan B and prepare for it. Always have a contingency plan to your creatives and technicals. Let your host know what to say if there is a technical fault, prepare captions or slates to say that you are facing technical issues so that your viewers know how to react, and just think of the worse case scenarios and have a response to all these scenarios.

Lastly, have a calm mind. During chaos, it’s important to have a calm state of mind so you can find a solution quick and react to things fast. Happy streaming.

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