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Foreo ISSA 3 Review: Electric Toothbrush That Lasts Up To 365 Days?!

Updated: Dec 6, 2021

Foreo is a brand that many will associate with beauty technology devices - like their Luna facial cleansing devices. We got our hands on their ISSA 3 electric toothbrush and we were pretty stoked.

The design is simple and the colour itself was what caught our eyes. The ISSA 3 we got came in striking fuchsia, which is a stark difference from the usual, standard toothbrushes you’ll see in the market. And from the design, we could tell that Foreo tried to incorporate a 4-in-1 oral care into one product.

ISSA 3 aims to not only clean the teeth and gums but also the tongue and cheeks. This all-in-one toothbrush is also lightweight, weighing at just 72g and is compact to carry around for travels. We like that it can also stand on its own, without the help of any toothbrush holder.