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Flying Car Concept Combines Drone and Car for Ground and Air Travel

Updated: Jan 5

Guangzhou Automobile Group (GAC) reveals their groundbreaking flying car that doubles as a street vehicle, pushing the boundaries of transportation innovation.

GAC Vehicle
Credits: Photo by Yusuke Hinata

Chinese automaker GAC has introduced GOVE, a pioneering one-seater flying car prototype designed to navigate both the skies and roads. The innovative vehicle combines a passenger drone, equipped with six sets of rotor blades, with a four-wheeled chassis for terrestrial travel. Before takeoff, the drone and chassis separate seamlessly.

During a press event on Monday, GAC demonstrated the vehicle's capabilities by conducting a successful flight with a passenger on board. The accompanying rechargeable chassis can be operated remotely, suggesting a shared usage model envisioned by the company.

The name "GOVE" is derived from GAC's vision of an on-the-go, vertical-flight electric vehicle.

While details on pricing and production timelines were not disclosed, a company executive indicated that commercialization is likely to be a long-term endeavor.

Despite the growing use of drones for various purposes in China, the country has yet to establish regulations for passenger drones.

GAC joins the league of innovators like Airbus in introducing flying car concepts that detach from car chassis. In China, other players in the development of passenger drones include Xpeng, an electric vehicle startup.

The strategic move by GAC reflects their anticipation of high demand for flying cars in southern China. The region, encompassing Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macau, features major cities clustered around the sea and an extensive river delta.

Beyond the realm of flying vehicles, GAC is committed to driving advancements in cutting-edge technologies to combat the fierce competition within China's conventional auto market. In addition to the flying car concept, the company unveiled a hybrid vehicle powered by a hydrogen engine and electric system. Furthermore, GAC is actively researching engines fueled by ammonia.

  • GAC introduced GOVE, a one-seater flying car that doubles as a street vehicle.

  • The passenger drone and four-wheeled chassis can operate independently.

  • Pricing and production timeline details were not disclosed.


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