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  • Cheryl Tan

Fitbit Improves Sleep Tracking Offering with New Sleep Profiles Feature

Health tracking is quite a big thing these days, and if you've been keeping track of the news, you might even have heard about a Mount Sinai study on how wearable products could help to detect COVID-19 early. Well, Fitbit has been on the health tracking wagon for a long while now, and most recently, they've added a new Sleep Profile feature to the company's Premium subscribers.

Aside from being able to track daily sleep stats like duration, light sleep, REM and more, the Fitbit companion app now takes all those sleep statistics and uses them to generate a monthly Sleep Profile that has additional information such as how much the user's sleep schedule varies from day to day, how many days naps were taken and such.

It's certainly a bit more informative and intelligent; if someone realises they're constantly taking naps on Monday afternoons, it might be worth seeing if their schedule needs to be changed to ensure they get proper rest and such.

After all that, a Sleep Animal is then assigned. There are six in total - bear, dolphin, giraffe, hedgehog, parrot and tortoise - and depending on the person's sleep metrics, it could change from month to month. In my first month, I got the parrot profile and after reading the description, it was actually quite accurate.

In July, I did sleep around the same time usually, and even though I didn't notice waking up in the middle of the night, I did test the accuracy of the Fitbit Sense by pitting it against three other smartwatches, two of which did show me waking up a number of times during the night.

Sleep tracking isn't something that just Fitbit is focused on though, Apple will also be introducing more detailed sleep tracking metrics to their own smartwatches with the upcoming WatchOS 9 update and we're excited to pit these smartwatches against each other to see which one will be the best and most accurate product for tracking your health.

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