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Singapore EZ-Link’s New “Ride and Find” AR Game Offers Cashback and Vouchers

EZ-Link has launched a new augmented reality (AR) mobile game called "Ride and Find". The game is part of a campaign to promote the use of public transport, offering users a total of S$250,000 worth of EZ-Link Wallet cashback as well as FairPrice shopping e-vouchers.

EZ-Link ride and find ar game
Credit: EZ-Link

Essentially, the game requires you to play along and travel to real-life locations to capture characters in AR to earn the abovementioned rewards. The characters can be found at 5,000 bus stops and 189 MRT and LRT stations across Singapore, encouraging players to collect these characters and visit these public facilities to earn cashback.

To try it out, you'll need a SimplyGo EZ-Link card added to the EZ-Link app and give the app access to location-based services. Players are initially given just six photo rolls and a S$1 cashback to their card when they join the game. They will then earn EZ-Link coins every time they take a character snapshot, perform a daily check-in or successfully refer other players to the game.

EZ-Link ride and find ar game
Credit: EZ-Link

The amount of coins you earn with each snapshot depends on the rarity of the character. Photo rolls are important as rare characters, which give out more coins, require more photo rolls to snap it. Daily check-ins also award one photo roll while additional photo rolls can be earned with every S$2 spent on public transport using the SimplyGo card.

According to EZ-Link, players can take snapshots of characters within 50 to 100 metres of a bus stop or MRT station, although each location only allows one snapshot per day. Depending on how many characters you snap, each player can earn up to S$10 in cashback while the earned EZ-Link coins can be used to redeem up to S$20 FairPrice shopping vouchers or even S$20 in cashback.

The Ride and Find campaign will be running on the EZ-Link app from 4 October until 30 November 2022.

  • Singapore EZ-Link's "Ride and Find" game rewards players for capturing AR characters at selected public transport spots.

  • The characters can be found at 5,000 bus stops and 189 MRT and LRT stations across the country.

  • Players earn more photo rolls for rare characters by spending money on public transport.

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