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  • Liling Tan

Dyson Supersonic's New Finishing Tool Saves You A Trip To The Salon

Dyson Supersonic is, undeniably, one of the most talked-about innovations since it first launched in 2016. Dyson continues to innovate and expand its hair care product line annually and this year, the company has unveiled the latest hair tool, the Flyaway attachment, a new finishing tool to allow users to smoothen hair strands.

Dyson Flyaway attachment Credit: Dyson

If you're not familiar with Dyson's range of hair care tools, here's a quick refresher. Dyson first launched the Supersonic hair dryer in 2016, followed by the Airwrap styler in 2018. They then introduced new attachments to expand the use of the Supersonic in 2019 and lastly, the Corrale straightener last year.

The Flyaway attachment is the latest addition to the Dyson hair care line, which "smooth flyaways out of sight, without exposing the hair to extreme heat damage", according to Emma Sheldon, Dyson Hair Care Category Director.

When I first got the Flyaway attachment, I couldn't help but wonder if it could also work as a C-Curl tool. The Dyson representative was quick to address this during the briefing, explaining that the intended use for this attachment is purely a finishing tool and not a styling tool.

I put the Flyaway attachment to the test with my shoulder-length hair, of which I must first wash and dry (using Dyson's Smoothing nozzle). Once my hair was dry, I swapped the Smoothing nozzle to the Flyaway attachment - which was fairly easy since it attaches magnetically.

The correct holding position should be perpendicular to your hair and it should be on the lowest heat setting (28°C cold setting) and at maximum speed. To effectively reach my hair at the back, I just had to tweak the attachment to the side slightly to effortlessly give my hair the same treatment without having to overstretch my hand.

If you're one who uses a hair brush and a dryer to blow hair down (like me), you will find this new Flyaway attachment very useful. I've always enjoyed trips to salons because of how the hairstylists can give me perfect-looking hair at the end of the session - though I don't enjoy the price tag that comes with it. So I've struggled with countless attempts to duplicate how the hairstylists do it - even to the extent of investing in hair brushes that may give me that look.

Now I have the magic tool that can give me the same end result. Well, almost. It does give the finishing effect that I want, at a much shorter time too. It definitely tamed my hair, with the loose hair strands smoothened. One thing though, it got pretty loud for my ears.

Also, I thought the Flyaway attachment could also possibly straighten the ends of my hair, so I tried - but who am I kidding, it is but only a finishing tool. It does not style or straighten, for that you'll need the other Dyson hair tools. But well, now we know.

If we want to be a little technical about it, the Flyaway attachment "harnesses the Coanda effect, which can attract and lift longer hair to the front, whilst pushing flyaways through the tress and out of sight". This does not expose the hair to extreme heat, hence protecting the hair from risk of damage.

If you already have the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, you can purchase the standalone Flyaway attachment at S$49. If you haven't, the good news is the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer set which comes with the 5 attachments - Flyaway, Smoothing Nozzle, Styling Concentrator, Diffuser and Gentle air - is now available at S$599.

You can experience the new Flyaway attachment at the Dyson Demo Store at Capitol Singapore, Beauty Lab at Funan Mall and Westgate.

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