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  • Kyle Chua

DJI Unveils Goggles Integra With Built-In Battery, RC Motion 2 With Improved Flight Controls

Updated: Dec 19, 2023

The latest iteration of DJI's Goggles, the dual-screen device that lets you experience the sights of drone flight, is finally ditching the tether.

Credit: DJI

Dubbed the Goggles Integra, the new model designed for the compact and lightweight Avata drone boasts a more ergonomic design, which combines the headband and the battery into one. That way, you can freely move around and take the goggles on and off without having to worry about any cables. DJI touted that even with the battery integrated into the headband, it's "light, balanced and incredibly comfortable", weighing approximately 410g.

The goggles come equipped with two HD Micro-OLED screens with a max brightness of 700 nits and a max screen refresh rate of 100Hz. It also uses DJI's OcuSync O3+ video transmission system, providing a 50Mbps video feed at up to 6.2 miles of range and 30ms latency. What's more, it can automatically switch between 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz frequency bands to maintain a smooth and stable HD viewing experience.

Credit: DJI

There are, however, a few caveats to the Goggles Integra's new design. For one, it's missing the built-in diopter range on its predecessor, the Goggles 2. Two, the smaller form factor is not eyeglasses-friendly. You'll have to use the interchangeable lens included in the package if your eyes need correction. Last but not least, it doesn't feature Bluetooth or Wi-Fi communication, though it does allow you to stream the drone's feed simultaneously to the headset and a smartphone.

DJI also unveiled the RC Motion 2 alongside the Goggles Integra. The new controller uses the same motion tech as its predecessor, the original RC Motion, but features an upgraded joystick that makes altitude and direction control smoother.

Credit: DJI

Other key changes from the original include a redesigned accelerator that now packs a reverse function to support more dynamic flight movements and a new Fn dial that lets you adjust the camera's ISO and shutter speed, among other settings, without the need for the goggles.

The Goggles Integra and RC Motion 2 are now available for purchase and are priced at US$499 and US$239, respectively. You can also get the two bundled with the DJI Avata as part of the Avata Explorer Combo, priced at US$1,278. Meanwhile, if you need the diopter adjustment range and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features, the Pro-View Combo, which includes the Goggles 2, the RC Motion 2 and the Avata drone, is available for US$1,428.

  • DJI has unveiled Goggles Integra, boasting a new, more ergonomic design, highlighted by the integration of the battery into the headband.

  • DJI also unveiled the RC Motion 2, which touts improved flight controls, alongside it.

  • The Goggles Integra and RC Motion 2 are now available for purchase and are priced at US$499 and US$239, respectively.

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