Devialet Phantom Reactor Debuts All-New Matte Black Look

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Previously only available in white with gold or silver accents, premium audio brand Devialet has finally given minimalistic customers a new option with their matte black Phantom Reactor.

Having taken a year to come to fruition, this new matte black Phantom Reactor will be available for the same price as the original white speaker (S$1,890).

This black coating is the result of an aqueous paint that results in a soft-to-the-touch finish for the speaker, and a completely different feel from the white speakers previously available.

The innards are completely unchanged, and so the same excellent audio quality will be present whether buyers purchase the white or black options.

The new Phantom Reactor colourway will be available on Devialet’s website, Devialet stores and at authorised distributors.