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  • Bryan Tan

DELL G2722HS Gaming Monitor Review: No Fuss, No Gimmicks

When it comes to computer-related products, DELL is almost always the safe bet. Nothing too exceptional, nothing too dull, just something that’s reliable and serves your needs, and the DELL G2722HS gaming monitor is just that.

This 27-inch IPS monitor is DELL’s latest addition to their G Series lineup and comes in a 23.8-inch version as well. Design-wise, the G Series language shows through with its gamer-esque edges and is very similar to its siblings in the series. The sleek profile fits right into any setup, and the narrow bezels make it friendly for a multi-monitor setup as well.

You get the typical choices in terms of connectivity, with a Displayport, two HDMI 2.0 ports and a 3.5mm jack for audio out. Like most other DELL monitors, the power cable connects directly to the monitor so it’s one straight cable without a power brick hanging out, which I think is a plus but to each their own.

The monitor is also only capable of height and tilt adjustments with its included stand so if you're looking to, perhaps use it vertically you’ll need to utilize the VESA mount with a third-party stand or arm.

Being an FHD monitor, it sports a native resolution of only 1920 by 1080, which is the bare minimum by today's standard and on the 27-inch panel, it certainly won’t be crisp if you were to pixel-peep. And I’m gonna be honest here, it was pretty tough going back to an FHD display for this review since I’m so accustomed to a QHD or 4K display, so if you frequently work with a lot of windows open or side by side you might want to consider one with a higher resolution or a multi-monitor setup.

But for your average joe watching videos and working on documents without the need to multitask, it’s will suffice on a day-to-day basis, just don’t expect a retina display level of sharpness and you’ll be plenty happy.

Now, of course, people looking to purchase this monitor are most likely using it for gaming, with a refresh rate of up to 165hz and 1 ms response time, it's built for just that.

For my gaming sessions in Rainbow Six Siege, Final Fantasy XIV and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, the 165hz refresh rate is very noticeable compared to a 60Hz monitor, although when compared to a 120 or 144hz the difference is almost imperceptible to me.

Regardless, the high refresh rate really makes everything feel very responsive, making my skills the only limiting factor to my performance in games, sadly. The monitor also supports NVIDIA G-SYNC and AMD FreeSync so whether you’re in team green or red you are covered.

For the small subset of you looking to use this gaming monitor for creative work, this IPS panel covers 99% of the sRGB colour gamut so it should suffice if you are looking to do some light graphic design and colour grading.

Brightness, contrast and colour temperature settings are available along with a bunch of “gaming” presets should you wish to use them. Viewing angles are also pretty good since it is an IPS panel so if you tend to have friends huddle around while you play games they won’t be missing anything.

To sum it up, at S$389 for the 27-inch version, it’s neither the cheapest option nor is it the most expensive one in its weight class, but the DELL branding along with its reliability will certainly provide an ease of mind should you choose to pull the trigger on it. One thing’s for sure, the DELL G2722HS definitely the safe option.

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