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DBS Launches Apprenticeship Programme To Boost Local Fintech Talent

The Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) has partnered with Singaporean bank DBS to set up a new apprenticeship programme. As part of Techskills Accelerator (TeSA) for ITE and Polytechnics Alliance (TIP Alliance), the three-year apprenticeship is meant to bolster local fintech talent by preparing polytechnic students for technology roles in banking.

Credit: Jonas Leupe/Unsplash

The DBS FinTech Apprenticeship Programme was developed in collaboration with Temasek Polytechnic and Nanyang Polytechnic, which will see an initial intake of 20 students this year. The programme is planned to be available for even more students across all five polytechnics in Singapore, though they did not explain in detail how many slots will open up in the future.

Throughout the entire programme, students will attend masterclasses taught by senior engineers from the banking industry, all of whom will be selected from DBS' Distinguished Engineer Programme. During the second year, the students will also get mentorship for a school-based project which will expose them to AI, machine learning and blockchain technology in banking and finance.

dbs bank fintech imda
Credit: DBS

Finally, their third year will involve a full-time apprenticeship with DBS that will last up to 12 months. They will be placed in technical roles such as application development, AI/ML, data and risk technology, as well as complete at least 50 hours of certification courses through the in-house DBS Tech Academy training institute.

Those who manage to graduate from the FinTech Apprenticeship Programme will then have to go through a final technology hackathon. This will determine whether or not they will receive a permanent role in DBS. In related news, IMDA also recently launched the Fusion programme together with NCS, which will provide opportunities for 400 polytechnic students to get tech-related jobs.

  • IMDA and DBS have partnered to set up a fintech apprenticeship programme for polytechnic students.

  • The programme will last three years, exposing students to the latest technology in banking and finance.

  • After graduating, students will be given the chance to get a permanent post with the bank.

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