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  • Cheryl Tan

Creative Stage 360 Review: Compact Soundbar Suitable Even For PC Use!

Creative has always been a reliable brand for me and I've been continually impressed by the products I've tried, such as the Creative SXFI Carrier, the Stage V2, the Pebble V3 and more.

Credit: Creative

Recently, I've been looking to change up the speakers on my desk to get a bit more space, and after using the Creative Stage 360 for a few months, it has become my daily driver.

As far as Creative products go, they're all essentially pretty simple and the Stage 360 is no exception. You get the soundbar itself, the subwoofer, some cables and a remote. That being said, the most important part of the Stage 360 is its size. Measuring just 56.5cm by 7.5cm by 8.8cm, it's small enough to fit in pretty much any conceivable area.