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COMPUTEX 2022: AMD, Nvidia, Microsoft to Headline

Updated: May 24, 2022

The upcoming COMPUTEX 2022 – fresh from a two-year hiatus for in-person conferences – will see a mix of physical and virtual activities. It is one of the first global events in Asia to plan such a large-scale event as the organisers want to pave the way for others to follow.


For the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA) – the long-time host for COMPUTEX and its related events – it hopes to engage with all those who are keen to checkout this first-of-its-kind hybrid event. From keynotes, to workshop seminars, and showfloor tours, those who cannot make time to fly into Taipei can now, instead, tune in and participate virtually.

Must-Attend Keynotes

With COMPUTEX 2022 returning with in-person events, there are some major events that are considered as must-attends. This includes the big keynotes, showcases, and demo rooms that are spread across Taipei.

In terms of major announcements, the biggest ones are – undoubtedly – the big tech players:

  • Intel: There are rumours that the highly anticipated Intel Arc Desktop GPUs will be unveiled. Over the last few years, Intel always showed off new innovations that defy logic – Devil Canyon (AKA Intel Extreme Edition CPUs), Skull Canyon Next Unit of Computing for gamers, and the dual-hinged dual-screen Honeycomb Glacier. If there are new desktop GPUs coming out, it’s an easy bet that it will raise some eyebrows.

Reality Check: As expectations are riding high, Intel is expected to deliver in spades and may even drop a next-gen concept or two. There are no visible signs or teasers so it could be Team Blue has no plans even.

The revolutionary Honeycomb Glacier concept – to-date, no brand mass-produced this design.

Credit: Intel

  • AMD: Dr. Lisa Su, Chair and CEO, AMD, will be doing a keynote – AMD Advancing the High-Performance Computing Experience. Included in her May 23 presentation are, likely, updated roadmaps for AMD’s next-gen silicon and GPUs; new processor innovations; and possible game console teasers.


Reality Check: AMD next-gen silicon for the entire CPU and GPU ranges will definitely show up. There is chatter for next-gen consoles to be teased, but that is very unlikely.

  • NVIDIA: Six NVIDIA C-Suite will be at the CEO Keynote, including CTO Michael Kagan; Jeff Fisher, SVP, GeForce; and Ying Yin Shih, Director, Product Management for Accelerated Computing. While initial leaks for the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 and some official details have dropped, the GPU leader is expected to continue the next-gen innovation narrative from its recent NVIDIA GTC Creators Conference 2022.


Reality Check: NVIDIA will likely reveal its highly anticipated GeForce RTX 40 Series GPUs and showcase next-gen graphics tech as well. Even after the monster reveal for the GeForce RTX 3090 Ti, there might be even big updates for current GeForce GTX and RTX lines.

  • Microsoft: Every year, without fail, Microsoft will be at COMPUTEX TAIPEI to take a keynote slot. In one keynote years ago, it showed off the once insanely powerful Microsoft Surface Pro 3. For 2019, the next-gen entries for both Surface Laptop and Surface Studio showed up alongside dual-screen laptops from various OEM partners. For this year, Panos Panoy, EVP and Chief Product Officer, Microsoft, will be taking the stage with Nicole Dezen, Corporate VP, Device Partner Sales, Microsoft to showcase new Windows 11 features and next-gen ventures in hybrid workspaces and gaming. Reality Check: Since its next-gen consoles are facing supply issues, Microsoft pivoted quickly and focused on rolling out its Game Pass instead for the PC. While there will likely be no news related to Xbox, new features for the cloud gaming platform are certainly on the cards.

  • Next-gen hardware and laptop announcements: The weeks building to COMPUTEX 2022 are filled with pre-event activities. This includes next-gen device laptop announcements from ASUS, Gigabyte, and Acer. More big news reveals are sure to make their respective reveals in the coming days. Reality Check: While mobile PCs dominate the news-cycles now, once Intel and AMD make their respective next-gen platform reveals, there is no doubt that all OEM hardware partners will also drop huge announcements on next-gen PC hardware.

Tie-In Innovation Events

COMPUTEX 2022 has, over the years, played host to a number of satellite events. This includes its sister event – InnoVex; the massive showfloors that are spread across Taipei; the all-new COMPUTEX DigitalGo platform for virtual streaming; and arranging global startup accelerator platform launches and workshops.

Credit: InnoVex - COMPUTEX 2022/TAITRA

All these will be peppered with exclusive launch events, special demo areas, and breakout rooms that offer each visitor a few hours to personally try out with these next-gen devices.

More details about COMPUTEX 2022 are available here. As for the latest news and updates on COMPUTEX 2022, they can be found here.

  • AMD, NVIDIA, and Microsoft are expected to drop some major announcements

  • Intel shows no hints if it will even appear at COMPUTEX 2022, but pundits are hopeful

  • Beyond new PC hardware, this major IT calendar event will also see more smart devices appearing

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