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How To Choose A Laptop For Your Kid's Home-Based Smart Learning

As you know, home-based learning has been challenging for many parents. So today, we'll be speaking with Content Marketer Cindy Gan and her daughter Vera on what to look for in a laptop that's suitable for children to use during at-home smart learning.

When choosing a laptop, Cindy likes something that's lightweight, easy to navigate and handle. It's small enough for a kid to carry but big enough not only to see homework onscreen but also for playing games. This is good because kids will be able to easily move around the house with the laptop without asking for help to carry the device.

Previously, Vera was using a 17-inch laptop and it was cumbersome since it was difficult for her to handle and move around on her own.

Like many parents, Cindy was also concerned about security and privacy issues whenever her kids were online for their virtual classes. Initially, there was a sticker used to block the webcam on devices, but that left an unsightly adhesive stain. So it really helps that devices like this laptop, the Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3i, comes with a built-in webcam shutter so kids can easily navigate and open or close it whenever they need to use it for classes.

When it comes to online learning, a lot of parents have concerns about screen time and bad posture when kids are so absorbed with their studies. Cindy had the same concerns because it is really inevitable with digital learning. But what happens is that parents have to keep reminding their children to sit upright, avoid spending too much time online and take more eye breaks.

One of the helpful things about the Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3i is that it has smart learning solutions like the Lenovo Aware app. It allows parents to configure certain settings to help their kids manage their screen time.

One of the features is the break reminder, which is a prompt that will show up when children are using their laptops for a certain period of time, at different intervals.

Vera's lessons once lasted for more than two hours and during the class, the prompt showed up as a reminder that "You've been using the PC for more than an hour. It's time to take an eye care break." It's very helpful when parents are not sitting beside their children during home-based learning; these prompts help to remind kids to take their breaks and manage their screen time.

Meanwhile, another feature called posture reminder tells children to maintain a good posture so that they are not too near the screen. The laptop is able to sense movement and detect if the kids are slouching or moving too close to the screen when they are too engrossed in their work.

One of the things that Cindy noticed from Vera is that when children are using the laptop or doing any online work, they tend to move closer to the screen after some time because they get so engrossed in their games or their work. This is definitely worrisome as their eyesight is at risk because they are moving so close to the screen and they tend to forget that.

Cindy also liked that there's a distance reminder prompt from the Lenovo Aware app because it helps the kids be more mindful about them being too close to the screen. There are visual prompts whenever they are using the laptop to tell them that they're too close to the screen and that they have to move back one arm's length and maintain that distance to avoid being too near to the screen.

Cindy personally prefers a matte finish screen versus a glossy screen that produces glare as a matte display is more comfortable for the eyes, especially when you have to stare at it over long periods of time.

The Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3i also has the Lenovo Vantage app that has Eye Care Mode to help users ensure that they have blue light protection when they are using the screen. This helps reduce eye strain whenever kids spend too much time on the laptop.

When it comes to getting a laptop for your child, price is a concern, especially for larger families because many parents might need to budget for one laptop for each kid and thankfully, the Lenovo IdeaPad Slim 3i has a reasonable price at S$1,049, with all the features that it comes with, making it very easy to navigate and for the kids to use and handle as well.


This content is brought to you in partnership with Lenovo.


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