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  • Bryan Tan

CES 2023: Belkin Goes Green In Six Of Their Top Selling Mobile Products

With many brands expected to make new product and concept announcements, Belkin has taken a different approach, announcing their sustainability efforts and eco-friendly versions of their top six selling mobile products instead.

Credit: Belkin

The six products mentioned are of Belkin's BoostCharge series, specifically the 25W single USB-C, 40W dual USB-C, 45W and 65W versions of their dual USB-C GaN chargers, 108W 4-port GaN charger and finally, their 10W magnetic car charger which leverages on MagSafe.

Regular (left) and PCR plastic (right), Credit: Belkin

From the looks of it, most of these eco-friendly versions look almost identical to their original counterpart. The difference is that it's made of 73-75% PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) plastic.

For those unaware, PCR plastics are recycled plastic that has previously been used by consumers in products. It is then collected and processed to be used in the manufacturing of new products. Naturally, this act of recycling helps reduce the demand for new plastic, which often involves the use of fossil fuels and other resources.

Aside from PCR, there are also a few other ways to recycle plastic for manufacturing such as PIR (Post Industrial Recycled) plastic, Ocean plastic and Bioplastics. However, due to the lack of efficiency and usable plastic yields from those methods, Belkin has opted for PCR instead.

Credit: Belkin

Like all other brands going green, the packaging of these new PCR versions will be made with zero plastic and will have a unique branding on it.

Aside from that, Belkin will also bear the increased cost of manufacturing these products so that they will stay the same price as the original. The representatives at Belkin also stated that it will have an impact on their finance down the line, "It's an important initiative for Belkin, we are aware that it's a costly one, but it's the right thing to do."

Currently, the PCR plastics are only used for the housing of the products but the team at Belkin are presently looking to explore more into integrating sustainable materials deeper into their supply chains, down to the raw materials.

Credit: Belkin

It's always good to see brands taking the effort to achieve their sustainability goals and looking forward to what Belkin has in store next.

  • Belkin announced their sustainability efforts and eco-friendly versions of their top six selling mobile products.

  • The products are five wall chargers and one car charger from their BoostCharge lineup.

  • The products all look identical to their original but it's made of 73 to 75% PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) plastic.

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