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  • Kyle Chua

CES 2022: Sony Announces PlayStation VR 2, EV Division, New Vision S SUV Prototype

While there weren’t any product launches, Sony’s CES 2022 keynote shared several buzzworthy tidbits about what the company has been working on over the past year or so. Here are the key announcements from the event:

PlayStation VR 2

Sony did not reveal what the PlayStation VR 2 headset looks like. Credit: Sony

Marking the first year of the PlayStation 5, Sony has finally announced the long-rumoured second iteration of PlayStation VR, the gaming system’s virtual reality headset.

Officially called PlayStation VR 2, the next-gen VR system will feature eye-tracking and haptic feedback to create a more immersive experience. On the visual side, it will support 4K HDR video with 90Hz and 120Hz refresh rates, foveated rendering, and a 110-degree field of view. The company, however, did not reveal what the headset looks like.

PlayStation VR 2 Sense Controllers. Credit: Sony

Accompanying the headset are new VR controllers called PlayStation VR 2 Sense Controllers. They will have a six-axis motion sensing system and a capacitive sensor, as well as trigger effects and haptic feedback, similar to the PS5's DualSense controller.

Sony also unveiled Horizon Call of the Mountain, a new game based on PlayStation’s Horizon franchise, which is coming to PlayStation VR 2.

No release date or price as of yet for the headset, the controllers and the game.

Sony Mobility Inc.

Credit: Sony

Sony also announced that it’s launching its electric vehicle (EV) division sometime in the spring of this year and it will officially be called Sony Mobility Incorporated. The launch will accelerate the company’s efforts in entering the EV market as it explores the commercial release of its first vehicle offering.

New Vision S Prototype

A working prototype of Sony's new Vision S SUV (left). Credit: Sony

In line with the unveiling of its EV division, Sony showcased a brand new Vision S prototype during its keynote. The autonomous SUV has over 40 sensors inside and outside the car, with Sony emphasizing that safety is its top priority. The car additionally features 5G connectivity and entertainment systems complete with 360 audio and gaming capabilities. The car’s cabins can also be personalised for different passengers.

Not much else was discussed about the new working prototype aside from these. But it seems quite apparent that Sony is committed to releasing its own EV in the near future. The first Vision S prototype was shown off at CES in 2020.

TV Tech

Sony's new QD-OLED TVs. Credit: Sony

Despite not getting a mention during the keynote, Sony brought new TV tech to CES this year. The Japanese electronics giant unveiled the A95K, a new line of TVs that use QD-OLED display technology, which promises better colours and viewing angles. Sony will also release new mini-LED TVs, namely the Z9K with 8K resolution and X95K with 4K.

Outside of the TVs themselves, the company will launch a remote finder function for the remotes of its most expensive screens. This new addition lets the remote emit a sound in case it gets lost or misplaced, making it easier to find. Sony also introduced the Bravia Cam, an add-on camera that supports video chat and other smart functions, including automatic picture calibration based on room conditions, among other features.

All of Sony’s new TVs will ship with variable refresh rates and Google TV pre-installed.

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