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CES 2021: Samsung Introduces New Robotics, Appliances “For A Better Life”

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Credit: Samsung

Samsung showcased robotic companions and personalised experiences through smart appliances at CES 2021. They had announced more than a few appliances that allow users to express themselves through customisation as well as improving on users’ quality of life.

Bespoke Refrigerators

Their new Bespoke refrigerators allow users to customise the fridge “in both form and function,” said Sebastian Seung, a professor from Princeton University who was chosen to present Samsung’s merchandise at the event.

Credit: Samsung

It comes with changeable panels with a choice of colours, allowing users to change the fridge’s doors to any colour at any time. The fridge also features a 4-door model which houses a brand-new Beverage Centre that gives users quick access to the fridge’s water dispenser and a pitcher that is automatically filled.

The Bespoke refrigerators also have a FlexZone that could be used to store beverages, fruits, vegetables, meats, fish, items that require a soft freeze, and hard freeze items such as ice cream. Additionally, it has upgraded crispers with temperature control for vegetables, meats and fish. They will be made available in North America for the first time in Spring 2021.

110-inch MICRO LED

Samsung also unveiled their 110-inch MICRO LED TV, featuring a self-lit inorganic LED with a bezel-less Monolith design that promises to blend into users’ living space. It not only has a four-way split screen viewing option which lets users do and watch four things at once. it also offers more 160 free channels through Samsung TV plus as well as customised recommendations.

The MICRO LED will be available for purchase this coming March 2021.

Their lifestyle TVs, The Serif, Frame, Sero, and Terrace displays were also featured at the virtual event. These TVs are equipped with 4K QLED displays that are designed to suit your needs “with bold design and a gallery-like mode” being delivered in either portrait or landscape orientations.

On top of that, Samsung showcased The Premiere, their 4k laser projector that is capable of casting a “cinema-like” projection.

Credit: Samsung

Samsung also shared a look into what the not-so-distant future could look like with their new robotic companions that can also help with users’ daily lives.

Here is Samsung’s JetBot 90 AI+ and a visualisation of its Object recognition technology as well as its LiDar and 3D sensors in action. Credit: Samsung

JetBot 90 AI+, Bot Care and Bot Handy

The JetBot 90 AI+ is a Roomba vacuum cleaner that uses object recognition technology to identify fragile objects so that it won’t bump into it and to know the best cleaning path. It is fitted with LiDAR and 3D sensors to avoid small objects and cables so it won’t get stuck on them. It also has an integrated camera so that users can connect to it to monitor their homes while they’re away.

The JetBot 90 AI+ will be available in the U.S. in the first half of 2021.

Samsung’s Bot Care and Bot Handy standing side-by-side Credit: Samsung

Samsung’s Bot Care is the latest development in the company’s growing robotics line-up. Its AI is designed to recognise users’ behaviour and act as a user’s robotic assistant and companion that learns your habits and schedule, guiding users through their day with that in mind.

Samsung’s Bot Handy is a robotic companion which is able to hold various objects from plates that require washing to objects commonly found in a messy room with utmost care using its advanced AI.

For more information regarding Samsung’s presentation, visit Samsung’s newsroom page.

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