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Capturing Wind 3,000m High: China's High-Altitude Wind Power Project Begins Operation

China's groundbreaking high-altitude wind power project has successfully commenced operation in Anhui Province, according to China Energy Engineering Group (Energy China), the project's investor, constructor and operator.

Situated in Jixi County, the project has a remarkable total installed capacity of 2x2.4 megawatts and has the capability to harness wind energy at altitudes ranging from 500 meters to an impressive 3,000 meters for power generation.

High-altitude wind energy is a form of renewable and clean energy that possesses abundant reserves and widespread distribution. It offers significant advantages over offshore and onshore wind energy, including high power density and stable wind direction, making it an ideal candidate for development and utilisation.

The project employs a land-based high-altitude wind power generation technology, utilising an innovative umbrella-ladder combination. The umbrella section is tethered to a cable and flown to a specific altitude, resembling a kite. Once at a height of over 500 meters, the umbrella unit opens up to capture the powerful wind energy.

The movement of the unit, influenced by the wind, causes the cable to reciprocate, driving the ground-based equipment to convert wind energy into mechanical energy. Finally, the ground power generator converts this mechanical energy into electricity.

Energy China emphasises the significance of this project as the country's first engineering endeavor utilising high-altitude wind power generation technology. It holds immense potential for promoting the advancement and industrialisation of this groundbreaking technology.

  • China's first megawatt-level high-altitude wind power project has commenced operation in Anhui Province.

  • The project has a total installed capacity of 2x2.4 megawatts and can harness wind energy at altitudes between 500 meters and 3,000 meters.

  • High-altitude wind energy offers advantages such as high power density and stable wind direction.

Source: CGTN

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