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Canon R7 Vs R10 Comparison: Which Canon APS-C Camera Is Right For You?

These days, a crop sensor doesn’t mean it’s any less of a camera. In fact, the best APS-C cameras out there are not just lighter and smaller than most full-frame bodies, they also allow you to easily fill your frame from a further distance.

I’m Samantha and today we’re looking at Canon’s first APS-C mirrorless cameras with the RF mount. The R7 and R10 look pretty identical at a glance but there are more differences than meets the eye. The R7 is an advanced model designed for wildlife and sports photography, while the R10 is a great entry-level model for most shooting conditions. Can’t decide which one suits your needs better? Here’s a comparison.

When placed side by side, it’s immediately obvious that the R10 is slightly more compact and smaller in size compared to the R7. Being the more advanced model of the two, R7’s got a heftier build quality, while R10 feels more light and plasticky. The R7 feels like something you’ll use in professional photography while the R10 seems suited to the average consumer.