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  • Cheryl Tan

BUTTONS Air Review: Fashion Meets Tech For These TWS Earphones

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Written by Cheryl Tan


Most TWS earphones don’t look that great, but if you’re keeping an eye out for something that looks good but doesn’t sound terrible, perhaps Will.I.Am’s Buttons Air TWS earphones might be the solution.

We received the Buttons Air Hex for review, and I have to say, they definitely look good. The white case looks clean and sleek, but something to note, do make sure you don’t keep your fingers in the way. I accidentally got my thumb caught in between the top and bottom lid when closing the case on the first day.

I’m happy that the case has a spring-powered lid for that satisfying snap close, but the closing strength is a bit too much in my opinion. Perhaps a magnetically closed latch might have been better here.

Regardless, the design of the Buttons Air Hex is definitely more sophisticated. I do like how it sits comfortably in the ear thanks to the silicon wings.

With an 11mm diaphragm unit and ceramic cavity, you’ll notice that the sound quality from the Buttons Air does sound different. It’s not as neutral as some of the other earphones we’ve tested, and the bass is definitely the highlight of the sound signature.

The mids aren’t quite as recessed as other earphones, but I did find that the highs and treble could have benefited from a bit more energy and sparkle.

With Will.I.Am himself overseeing the sound signature for the Buttons Air, you’d assume that the earphones are audiophile quality. Unfortunately, they fall short of the mark. Yes, they do have excellent bass, but the separation and soundstage isn’t quite what I’d expect from something that has an artiste’s name on the branding.

Battery is as expected for these, with 8 hours in the earbuds and an additional 20 hours in the case. aptX is supported as well, and the earphones have Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity.

With bass being what most people will keep an eye out on, I have no doubt that the Will.I.Am’s Button Air will do well in the market, especially amongst people who value the design of their earphones. For audiophiles however, I’d recommend looking elsewhere for a pair of true wireless earphones.

More information about the Button Air Hex (S$349) can be found on the distributor, Ban Leong’s website.

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