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  • Kyle Chua

Brompton Launches First Foldable E-Bike in Singapore

Brompton announced today that it’ll be releasing its first-ever line of foldable electric bikes in Singapore, enabling riders to save on commute time and arrive at their destinations feeling fresh.

The Brompton Electric Credit: Brompton

The London-based bike manufacturer describes the new models as the “future of personal travel,” touting a compact and inter-modal mobility solution that can fold to a third of its size. The bikes are also hailed as among the lightest e-bikes in the market, coming in at only 15.53kg. The brand further touts that they maintain the style and craftsmanship of a Brompton foldable bike with the added benefits of electric assistance. This means the bikes can still be folded into the same compact package that can be tucked under the desk at work or on the train despite them now including a battery pack.

“Cities are changing, and Singapore, which has seen a cycling boom amid COVID-19, is no exception,” said Will Butler-Adams, Brompton's Chief Executive Officer, “We believe we have created a product that will inspire more people to get out and back onto a bike.”

Credit: Brompton

The recently launched C line consists of the Electric C Line Urban, a lighter, two-gear bike that’s perfect for hybrid journeys and fast-paced commuting, and the Electric C Line Explore, a six-gear bike for longer touring trips.

Both electric models use an integrated 250W hub motor, which utilises Formula E racing car technology, to deliver performance and portability over a range of 30 to 70 km, depending on riding conditions. The 300wH battery pack is capable of taking the bike to speeds of up to 25km/hour. They also come equipped with different smart sensors that allow riders to enjoy a number of nifty features, including an additional boost when cruising and motor assistance based on pedal torque, cadence and bike speed measurements.

Credit: Brompton

The bikes additionally ship with a lightweight battery pack, also known as the Essentials Bag. Brompton claims that by putting the battery pack into a compact bag, it’s easier to clip onto the front of the bike and carry when not in use. The battery itself can charge in just four hours.

The brand is also selling the Brompton Electric City Bag, an optional add-on that features a more spacious main compartment, complete with a suspended laptop holder and front and rear pockets to house other essentials. The bag includes access to the battery so riders can charge their phones or tablets while travelling.

The Electric C Line together with the battery and Essentials Bag has a starting price of S$5,900. Those interested in purchasing one can sign-up on Brompton's Singapore website here.

  • Brompton announced today that it’ll be releasing its first-ever line of foldable electric bikes in Singapore.

  • The new bikes are among the lightest e-bikes on the market, weighing only 15.53kg.

  • The Electric C Line, as the line is called, starts at S$5,900.

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