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Black Shark 4 Pro Review: It's Late, But Still Great

Today we’ve something exciting in the studio and it’s not something you would see very often per se. This is the BlackShark 4 Pro and just like its predecessors, it is a gaming smartphone through and through. But this is the Pro version and promises additional features and better performance compared to the standard 4 but yet still maintaining a really reasonable price point that wouldn’t break your bank. Best of all, it comes with a 120 watt charger that can charge it from zero to a hundred in just about 15 minutes, which is insane.

But now for some of you out there watching this very review right now, you might be thinking that the BlackShark 4 Pro is kind of old news now. Which in a way, that’s true. This phone has actually been launched almost a year ago now in China. But it’s only now that we get this here in Singapore, or the rest of Asia, really.

So is it too late? Well, if you’ve seen the title, you know the answer. It is late, but it’s still great.

Let’s start off by talking about the design

Despite being a gaming centric smartphone, the design is honestly really minimalistic. We have it in Shadow Black and with it you get a really dark gray, almost to the point of black, aluminum bezel with a slight tinge of navy. Flip around to the back and you’ll get a matrix-like display with a matte finish. It’s really smooth to the touch and thanks to the matte finish, you needn’t worry about fingerprints, oil stains, or any kind of s