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Blackmagic Design 6K Pro Review : Image Quality Triumphs All

So this is the BlackMagic Design 6K Pro and I pretty much love and hate it at the same time. When BlackMagic Design released the BMPCC 4K, cinematographers all around the world lost their heads. Knowing how the top engineers who design and build cinema grade cameras made it accessible to average consumers.

But little to behold, it wasn't perfect. Especially concerning its battery life that was fitted with the LPE-6 batteries. Quite the let down when you can't even record more than 30 minutes on a single charge. Yet in some cases, image qualities somehow always triumph even the biggest of flaws.

So for better or for worse, cinematographers and camera enthusiasts alike understood that by rigging the BMPCC and adding external SSD's are the only way to go. And here we are a few years later, with the Blackmagic 6K Pro. What's the difference you ask? Well for one, 6K recording obviously and also built-in ND filters. So today we're gonna go through the experience using the BMPCC 6K Pro and how this camera could serve as your daily shooter but also how easily this could set you back on a shoot if you're not prepared for its demands. So let's dive in as to why I think this the best camera you can get for $2500.