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BenQ EW3880R Ultrawide Monitor Review: 37.5" Of Visual & Audio Goodness

Hey guys! So we’re here in the studio yet again and this time, we’ve got something really massive to talk about. Now hopefully by the time this video is up, you guys would’ve seen this behemoth of a PC behind me, the Cleopatra from Kingdom here in Singapore. But that’s not what we’re talking about today. Instead, it’s this, right beside me. The BenQ EW3880R. Let’s talk about this.

This is an ultrawide monitor and thus you’re getting a 21 by 9 aspect ratio display as opposed to the traditional and much more common 16 by 9. I’m not going to dive in and talk about the differences, pros and cons between 16 by 9 and 21 by 9. You’ll find loads of those online. Though if you would like us to cover this topic, feel free to let us know in the comments. But yes, for a start, just know that this is a wider aspect ratio which directly translates to physical size. So if you’re looking at getting this monitor, definitely do take into consideration the sheer size of this behemoth.