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  • Cheryl Tan

Belkin Soundform True Wireless Review: Affordable Earbuds That Aren’t From A Chinese Company!

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

If you saw my previous video about the $20 dollar earbuds from Baseus, you might be thinking, well, I do want an affordable pair of earbuds, but I don’t want to get something from a brand that I don’t know. In that case, we have the Belkin Soundform True Wireless earbuds for you, and they’re retailing at just US$60, or S$99.

Keeping in mind that these are designed as a pair of ultra-affordable earbuds, I came into the review with the same expectations. Design-wise, there’s nothing to really shout about. It comes in black and white, and the case is made entirely with matte plastic, which is nice since it doesn’t show fingerprints as easily. There’s a four-light LED indicator in the front that shows battery life and flashes when charging, all pretty standard. 

You get a MicroUSB charging port at the back, which is really, my biggest gripe with these. The US$20 earbuds could put in a USB-C port, why can’t these? There’s also no wireless charging here, so you’ll have to either use the provided cable or one that you might have lying around. 

The earbuds themselves are decent; there’s this angled theme that Belkin is going with throughout the case and earbuds, and they’re discreet enough in the ear while still sitting rather snugly. There’s an interesting shape to the earbuds that surprisingly, makes them really comfortable to wear and provides a lot of passive noise isolation.

The touch controls are a bit tough to work with, you get double taps and triple taps and sometimes I found myself tapping a bit harder than normal to get it to register.

The sound quality is pretty decent for what it costs. You get a pretty… standard sound. There’s nothing that really stands out, curiously. I would have expected a bit more bass here, but it’s all just kind of neutral with a slight emphasis on bass. You don’t get a ton of detail in the mids, but people who really care about tonality and accuracy won’t even consider these in the first place, so there’s really not much point talking about it in this video.

All in all, it’s not the most fun pair of earbuds for music listening, but again, the earbuds don’t sound bad. There’s nothing that I can really disagree with here when keeping in mind the $60 price tag. 

There’s no ANC on these, unfortunately, but again, the passive noise isolation is pretty good because of how these fit in the ear. Battery life isn’t too bad either, you get five hours in the earbuds and a combined total of 24 hours with the case.

There is IPX5 water resistance on these, so if you’re planning on bringing them out for runs or exercise, I’d say these are pretty okay. The fit is generally secure, but when you throw sweat into the mix, the earbuds might get a little slick.

Belkin doesn’t state which Bluetooth version these are using, but I reckon it’s probably not Bluetooth 5.0, because if it is… Well, you’d want to shout about it, right? Regardless, the connection is pretty strong and I didn’t experience any dropouts or connectivity issues, so that’s fine.

If you’re looking for a gift or something, or just a pair of earbuds to use without worrying about them, these work fine. These could be pretty popular as Christmas gifts I reckon, they work and sound pretty decent. At $60, you’re getting a pair of earbuds from a recognised brand, and not from a Chinese company, so if you want that branding, here you go. Additionally, there probably will be discounts for these too, so with the price dropping to like $30 or $40, that makes it even more value for money.


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