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  • Kyle Chua

Arcwave’s VaCum Vacuum Doubles as a Sex Toy

Premium pleasure brand Arcwave today pulled the curtains back on the VaCum, a vacuum cleaner that doubles as a pleasure stroker.

Credit: Arcwave

The VaCum is a dual-purpose device that can keep your surroundings clean and pleasure you at the same time, as the company touts.

In vacuum mode, the handheld machine uses the company’s patented Pleasure Air Technology to efficiently suck up dust or crumbs from, say, your bed or your couch, essentially working like a typical vacuum.

Press a button and it goes to stroker mode, a mode that induces a pleasurable sexual experience by stimulating sensitive nerve endings of the frenulum. The device’s technology delivers pulsating air waves on the tip of your privates, which Arcwave claims can give you an entirely new type of orgasm, one that you cannot achieve by stroking alone.

Arcwave also wants to assure users that the device is safe for use for both functions. The company notes that in vacuum mode, the vacuums don’t activate until it comes into contact with a surface. At the same time, in stroker mode, the stimulation only starts after the device touches skin.

Arcwave's VaCum (left) beside the Ion pleasure stroker (right).

The VaCum also comes with a CleanTech silicone sleeve, which users must insert into the suction cavity before use for hygienic and safety reasons. The sleeve can then be removed and washed with either water or sex toy cleaner after use.

“VaCum is incredibly effective in both vacuum and stroker mode,” wrote Arcwave. “There is no longer any excuse to not enjoy yourself… or clean your home.”

The company said they got the idea for the device because some people already use regular vacuum cleaners to pleasure themselves. These vacuum cleaners, however, aren’t designed to be used as sex toys and can possibly lead to serious injury if used as such. So the company took it upon themselves to come out with a vacuum that works as both a cleaner and a pleasure stroker.

The VaCum goes on sale on Arcwave's website on Monday, 18 April. It's priced at HK$2,136.

  • Arcwave has pulled the curtains back on the VaCum, a vacuum cleaner that doubles as a pleasure stroker.

  • The handheld machine can switch from vaccum mode to stroker mode with the push of a button.

  • It goes on sale on Arcwave's website on 18 April for HK$2,136.

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