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Apple Watch Series 8 Review: Should You Get It?

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

When Apple announced their new Watch Series 8, it was both a bit of a disappointment and excitement at the same time. Disappointing because there isn’t a very big upgrade from the Series 7, but exciting because the new features included are actually really great.

We have the new Watch Series 8 with us today, and if you’re thinking that this doesn’t look very different from the Series 7, well, yeah.

Design-wise, it hasn’t changed at all. It retains the same 41mm or 45mm case size, and we have the same midnight colour that we had last year, so it really does look quite identical. Weight-wise, Apple’s spec sheet says it’s still the same at 38.8 grams for the 45mm aluminium model, but weighing just the watch modules on my kitchen scale, the Watch Series 8 did register a weight of 39.1 grams, up from my Watch Series 7 which weighed in at 38.7 grams. It’s a really minuscule difference though, so I’d say most people should be able to expect something along Apple’s 38.8-gram figure. I didn’t expect it to stay the same, since there are new sensors, so good job on Apple’s part keeping the watch light.