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Apple Vision Pro Expanding to Eight New Countries in June and July

Apple Vision Pro will be available in eight new countries during June and July. Pricing information for the new countries has not been disclosed. Prices in the individual countries are expected to be converted to their local currencies.

Apple Vision Pro, which is currently only available in the United States, will launch in China, Japan, and Singapore on June 28. On July 12, five more countries will gain access to the revolutionary technology: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom.

While Apple has announced expansion intentions, they have not disclosed pricing information for these nations. It is currently priced at $3,500 in the United States, but Apple is expected to change the price somewhat for the new market. However, prices are more likely to be converted to local currencies.

If this is the case, the projected prices in each country will be as follows:

- China: 24,502 CNY

- Japan: 484,415 JPY

- Singapore: 4,725 SGD

- Australia: 5,195 AUD

- Canada: 4,725 CAD

- France: 3,245 EUR

- Germany: 3,245 EUR

- United Kingdom: 2,785 GBP

While these costs may appear high, it is crucial to realise that considerable price cuts are not expected until later iterations of Apple's hardware platform.

In addition to the expansion announcement, Apple announced Vision OS 2, the operating system that underpins Apple Vision Pro, at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). This new operating system will improve the device's capabilities, including the capacity to transform normal two-dimensional photographs into immersive 3D "spatial photos" using machine learning technology.

Furthermore, Apple is integrating SharePlay to Apple Vision Pro, which will let customers to share media experiences with friends and loved ones independent of their geographical location. This feature allows for seamless cooperation and engagement, making it feel as if the participants are sitting right next to each other, even though they are thousands of kilometres distant.

Exciting new media content is also in the works for Apple Vision Pro subscribers. Apple has announced the creation of a unique movie, "Submerged," which is specifically designed to deliver a totally immersive experience on the device. A thrilling extreme sports series developed in conjunction with Red Bull will also be accessible, demonstrating the device's capabilities.

  • Apple Vision Pro will be available in eight new countries in June and July.

  • Pricing details for the new countries have not been announced.

  • The prices in the respective countries are expected to be converted to the local currency.

Source: FORBES

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