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All-New Apple Mac Studio Carries "Made in Malaysia" Stamp

Just over a week after the new Apple desktop computers were revealed, various tech news portals have been showing off their unboxing and hands-on content. Interestingly, a tweet from Bloomberg Tech Editor – Mark Gurman – revealed that the pint-sized powerhouse Mac Studio sported a “Made in Malaysia” stamp on its underside.

Credit: Mark Gurman/Bloomberg

Gurman shared an image from popular Tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee with the following words: “Made in Malaysia”. He knows this is a big deal on this side of the world as Malaysia is famous within the electronics manufacturing sector.

Among the biggest accolades include being part of the global manufacturing and supply chain for Western Digital; producing some of the latest AMD Ryzen processors; and being the primary fabricator for a few Intel Core CPUs. The latter includes the Core 2 Duo, next-gen Pentium and Celeron processors, Compute Stick and Next Unit of Computing, the Ivy and Sandy Bridge series, Haswell and Broadwell families and the Extreme Edition counterparts from those generations.

Over the Malaysia-Singapore Causeway, there are just as many global brands producing their straight-to-store electrical goods and critical internals. Among them are MediaTek, Seagate and Dyson. This shows that Southeast Asia is still the go-to for critical components and high-end production outputs.

In the case of Apple, Malaysia is not a new manufacturing location. An earlier news report about the non-impact the electronics industry faces from the Ukraine-Russia conflict confirmed that Cupertino does have local partners in Malaysia who are producing silicon chips for current and next-gen iPhones. Additionally, reported in December 2021 that some batches of the next-gen Mac mini, which comes equipped with the new M1 silicon chip, also carried the “Made in Malaysia” stamp.

Apple's Mac Studio
Credit: Apple

Would that mean servicing for these “Made in Malaysia” devices can happen in this region? No one knows for sure as only Apple Authorized Dealers here have the proper knowledge as to where all Apple devices go for repairs or where the parts would come from.

Even so, there is no doubt that Apple had invested in Malaysia for some time. It is odd, however, that there have been no plans to include its Southeast Asian manufacturing base in the line-up for the Mac Studio's first launch wave.

  • Various Apple first impressions confirm indirectly that the all-new Mac Studio is made in Malaysia

  • This confirms the electronics manufacturing hub is a growth pipeline for Apple

  • It doesn't change the fact that Malaysia is not in the first launch wave for this next-gen Apple workstation

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