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Apple France Workers Call Strike Ahead of iPhone 15 Launch

Updated: Jan 9

In a move to demand better pay and working conditions, unions at Apple's stores in France have called for a strike on the days of the iPhone 15 launch.

Credits: REUTERS

The unions, including CGT, Unsa, CFDT, and Cidre-CFTC, are seeking a 7% wage increase to compensate for inflation and an end to the months-long hiring freeze.

However, Apple management has only offered a 4.5% hike, according to union officials. The strike has been called after management ignored the unions' demands and concerns. Representatives from Apple France's corporate division and Apple's Barcelona team in Spain have also joined the strike.

The strike is expected to take place on Friday and Saturday, with workers demonstrating at Opera Garnier, near Apple's flagship store in Paris. The call for a strike has been sent to all 20 Apple stores in France, including nine in the Paris region, three in central Paris, and two in Lyon. Other cities with Apple stores, such as Marseille, Lille, and Strasbourg, are also expected to be affected.

During a teleconference meeting with Apple's European bosses, the unions were told that they were doing well and should not complain. This response has further fueled the workers' dissatisfaction and strengthened their resolve to strike.

This strike comes on the heels of a recent setback for Apple in France, where the government suspended sales of iPhone 12 handsets due to breaches of radiation exposure limits. Apple has pledged to update the software on iPhone 12s in France to resolve the issue. However, concerns in other European countries suggest that similar actions may be necessary elsewhere.

Apple France has not responded to requests for comment regarding the strike.

  • Unions at Apple's stores in France call for a strike ahead of the iPhone 15 launch.

  • Workers demand a 7% wage increase and an end to the hiring freeze.

  • Apple management offers a 4.5% hike, leading to dissatisfaction among workers.


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