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Amazon's 'biggest ever' Prime Day drives US online sales to $12.7B

Updated: Jan 8

U.S. online sales surge 6.1% to $12.7 billion during Amazon Prime Day, with shoppers flocking to the e-commerce giant for deep discounts on toys and appliances amid rising prices.

Credits: REUTERS

U.S. online sales during's Prime Day shopping event rose by 6.1% to $12.7 billion compared to the previous year, as Americans affected by inflation searched for bargains on the e-commerce platform. This data, provided by Adobe Analytics, was revealed on Thursday.

On the second day of the sale, shoppers spent $6.3 billion, enticed by substantial discounts on products like toys and appliances. Despite curbing non-essential purchases due to increasing prices, customers seized the opportunity to enjoy significant savings. Amazon announced that Prime members worldwide purchased over 375 million items during the two-day event, resulting in savings of more than $2.5 billion—the largest Prime Day ever.

Vivek Pandya, lead analyst at Adobe Digital Insights, reported an upswing in back-to-school item sales, including stationery and office supplies, on the second day. Comparing July 12 figures to average daily sales in June, appliances experienced a 52% increase, apparel rose by 24% and stationery and office supplies soared by 76%. According to Numerator, the average order size during the event climbed to $54.05 from $52.26 last year.

Earlier Adobe data revealed that online sales on the first day of Prime Day rose nearly 6% to $6.4 billion compared to the previous year.

Electronics, apparel, and toys proved most enticing to consumers on the second day, with discounts of 14% and 12% respectively, as reported by Adobe. Vivek Pandya noted that this year's discounts were higher than in the previous year, reaching the higher single digits and even touching the double digits.

In addition to traditional offerings, Amazon introduced a travel discount for Prime Day for the first time, partnering with travel booking site Priceline. Furthermore, Prime members enjoyed "invite-only deals" leading up to the event.

Competing retailers, including Walmart, Best Buy and Target, also enhanced their discounts to vie with Amazon.

In Coventry, Britain, approximately 900 Amazon warehouse workers launched a three-day strike during Prime Day due to a pay dispute. However, Amazon assured customers that the strike would not cause any disruptions.

Adobe's data is based on direct consumer transactions and encompasses over 1 trillion visits to U.S. retail websites.

  • U.S. online sales during Amazon's Prime Day shopping event rose by 6.1% to $12.7 billion, driven by inflation-weary Americans seeking discounts.

  • Shoppers spent $6.3 billion on the second day, enticed by deep discounts on toys and appliances.

  • Prime members bought over 375 million items worldwide and saved over $2.5 billion on various deals.


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