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All orders for right-hand drive Model S and Model X vehicles have been canceled by Tesla

Customers have the option to select a vehicle from the available inventory or purchase a version with left-hand drive.

Credit: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Tesla has ceased production of right-hand drive variants of its Model S and Model X electric vehicles. This decision has resulted in the cancellation of orders from countries that follow left-hand drive, such as the UK. Potential buyers are being advised to consider alternative models, select from available inventory, or explore the option of purchasing a left-hand drive version.

Around 30 percent of nations worldwide adhere to left-hand drive, wherein the driver's seat is positioned on the right side of the vehicle. Notable examples include the UK and several former British colonies. While some of these countries are relatively small, others, like Japan, Indonesia and India, are densely populated.

Credit: Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

While Tesla does not have an official press office to verify this information, the cancellation of right-hand drive versions has been confirmed by Autocar, a reputable British publication. Customers in the UK who had their orders canceled are being provided with a £2,000 credit towards a Model 3 or Model Y. According to Autocar, Tesla attributed the discontinuation of right-hand drive production to quality-control concerns, as relayed by an unidentified representative.

As we have previously highlighted, demand for the Models S and X has been declining due to their outdated nature, being overshadowed by new offerings from emerging companies like Rivian and Lucid, as well as established automakers such as Porsche, BMW, Mercedes and Audi.

In 2022, Tesla manufactured 71,777 Models S and X, but only managed to sell 66,705 units. This trend appears to be worsening in the current year, with Tesla producing 19,437 Models S and X in Q1 2023, yet nearly half of them remaining unsold.

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