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Alibaba Shares Cutting-Edge AI Tech Through Damo Academy

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

[Edited] Alibaba's in-house research initiative, Damo Academy, is taking a significant step towards promoting technological innovation in China.

Credits: Bloomberg

The academy has announced that it will provide free public access to 100 patents covering various AI application scenarios, including image processing, video technology, and 3D visualization.

This move aims to give small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) the opportunity to access AI technology at a significantly lower cost. With the rapid acceleration of technological development, Damo Academy recognizes the importance of supporting SMEs in adopting advanced technologies.

The licenses for these patents will be included in a national patent list published by the Intellectual Property Exchange Centre under the government of Zhejiang province, where Alibaba's headquarters is located. This initiative aligns with China's efforts to boost technological innovation by enlisting universities and research institutions to provide access to patents for smaller businesses.

China has been actively driving the development of AI, with the country leading the world in AI patent applications. According to research and development analytics firm PatSnap, China filed around 648,500 AI patent applications between 2018 and 2022, accounting for 62% of the world's total.

Among the 100 free patents offered by Damo Academy, three focus on precision treatment of cancer. These patents have the potential to revolutionize hospitals' ability to offer intelligent solutions and accelerate advancements in cancer treatment technology.

Additionally, the patents cover technology related to traffic signal perception for intelligent traffic management and image identification technology for e-commerce platforms to combat copyright infringement.

Damo Academy plans to release more patents in the future, aiming to establish a more open AI technology ecosystem. This commitment to sharing proprietary technology reflects Alibaba's dedication to fostering innovation and driving advancements in various fields, from AI and autonomous driving to quantum computing and semiconductor research and development.

As China faces increasing restrictions on advanced technology from the United States, initiatives like Damo Academy's free access to AI patents play a crucial role in promoting domestic innovation and reducing reliance on foreign technologies.

  • Damo Academy, Alibaba's in-house research initiative, is providing free access to 100 AI patents.

  • The patents cover various AI application scenarios, including image processing and video technology.

  • The initiative aims to support small and medium-sized enterprises in adopting advanced technologies.

Source: SCMP

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