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Alibaba Shares Cutting-Edge AI Tech Through Damo Academy

In an effort to accelerate AI innovation, Chinese tech giant Alibaba is providing public access to advanced proprietary AI technology through its Damo Academy research institute.

Credits: Bloomberg

The academy is releasing 100 patents for free use, spanning image processing, video tech and 3D visualisation. This gives SMEs a low-cost way to access sophisticated AI capabilities and boosts national tech innovation.

It is Alibaba's latest move to share its AI developments amid China's push to lead in the field. The patents include cancer treatment tech to help hospitals adopt intelligent solutions. There is also tech for traffic signal perception and image identification for copyright protection on e-commerce platforms.

Damo plans to release more patents over time to create a more open AI ecosystem. The academy focuses on disruptive science like AI, quantum computing and semiconductors.

This open patent initiative comes as the US imposes investment restrictions on tech firms sharing AI with China. However, China leads in AI patent apps, accounting for 62% of global filings from 2018-2022.

The cloud unit also recently revealed an AI chatbot and open sourced large language models. This signals Alibaba's ambition to expand its AI influence globally.

  • Alibaba shares 100 advanced AI patents through Damo Academy

  • Aims to accelerate innovation and help SMEs access tech

  • Part of drive to lead in AI amid US investment restrictions

  • China has 62% of global AI patent apps from 2018-2022

Source: SCMP

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