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Alibaba's Amap Expands Global Coverage with Beidou Support

Updated: Jan 8

[Edited] Alibaba's online mapping service, Amap, has made a significant announcement regarding its global coverage. The company revealed that it now offers navigation and route planning services in over 200 countries and regions worldwide, thanks to the support of China's GPS rival, Beidou.

Alibaba’s online mapping service Amap
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With this expansion, Amap users can now easily search for nearby attractions, restaurants, and hotels in countries participating in China's Belt and Road Initiative.

This move aligns with Beijing's ambitious plan to connect more than 70 countries through infrastructure development.

Amap has leveraged China's Beidou satellite navigation system to extend its coverage to overseas territories. This development allows Amap to compete on a global scale and provide users with seamless navigation experiences in various parts of the world.

The integration of Beidou support into Amap's services is a strategic move to actively contribute to Beijing's Belt and Road Initiative. By offering comprehensive mapping and navigation solutions, Amap aims to facilitate connectivity and enhance the travel experiences of users across different countries and regions.

This expansion of Amap's global coverage marks a significant milestone for Alibaba and reinforces its commitment to providing innovative and reliable digital mapping services. With the integration of Beidou support, Amap is well-positioned to compete with other global mapping platforms and cater to the growing demand for accurate and efficient navigation solutions.

As Amap continues to expand its reach and improve its services, users can expect enhanced features and functionalities that will further enhance their navigation experiences. Whether it's exploring local attractions or planning international trips, Amap's global coverage with Beidou support ensures that users can navigate with ease and confidence.

  • Alibaba's Amap now offers navigation and route planning services in over 200 countries and regions worldwide.

  • The integration of Beidou support allows users to search for nearby attractions, restaurants, and hotels in participating Belt and Road Initiative countries.

  • Amap's expansion aligns with Beijing's plan to connect over 70 countries through infrastructure development.

Source: SCMP

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