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Alibaba's Amap Expands Global Coverage with Beidou Support

Alibaba's online mapping service, Amap, has announced that it now offers global coverage, thanks to the support of China's GPS rival, Beidou.

Alibaba’s online mapping service Amap
Credits: Handout

The digital map now provides route planning and navigation services in over 200 countries and regions. Amap CEO Liu Zhenfei stated that users can search for nearby attractions, restaurants and hotels in countries participating in China's Belt and Road Initiative.

The expansion of Amap's coverage aims to support Beijing's ambitious plan to connect more than 70 countries through infrastructure development.

  • Amap, operated by Alibaba, has expanded its coverage to overseas territories using China's Beidou satellite navigation system.

  • The digital map now supports route planning and navigation in over 200 countries and regions.

  • Amap aims to actively participate in advancing Beijing's Belt and Road Initiative.

Source: SCMP

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