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  • Soon Kai Hong

Aftershock PC Expands With A 7,000 ft² Experiential Centre For Everything Gaming And Introduces Mash

10 years is certainly a long time and definitely a noteworthy milestone for Aftershock. They started from humble beginnings and are arguably the leading custom PC builder in Singapore. What better way to celebrate their decade anniversary than to expand with a whole new 7,000 ft² experiential centre that will certainly bring out the child in you.

Upon entering, you will be immediately greeted with the expansive space, where you'll be able to get a glimpse of what this whole new experiential centre has to offer. At the front are their custom desktop PCs ranging from their Optimal Performance Series such as the Rapid or the Horizon to the Extreme Watercooled Series like the Ultracore Mini or the Mainframe.

Each and every desktop is decked out with an accompanying monitor as well as their Oden mechanical gaming keyboard and Hexar gaming mouse. And really, the key benefit here is that you can literally try out the systems filled with various configurations to play the games that you want to play but more importantly, to understand how it will perform and evaluate your options across varying price points.

But perhaps right smack in the middle of the entire space is what you might be most wowed by.

This is the Limited Edition Zone and the idea behind it is certainly is one-of-a-kind and perhaps arguably the first-ever here in Singapore. Encased in each and every glass showcase is a fully custom PC decked out to the nines. This includes custom water-cooling parts from brands such as EKWB, Aorus, Asus and more, and Aftershock even goes the extra mile by utilising CNC machines to modify the cases to truly make them thematic.

But that's not what makes this place special. What makes it really special is the fact that Aftershock is committed to keeping these Limited Editions constantly available and in stock.

That's right.

That means you can simply walk into the experiential centre and if any of the Limited Editions pique your fancy, you can buy it right on the spot. That is certainly something that many other custom PC builders aren't yet able to deliver. Usually, you would have to wait hours or even days for your custom PC to be finished. Not the case with Aftershock, or at the very least, that's what they promise.

But if none of the built Limited Editions catches your eye, don't fret. Just talk to the staff, take a look at what's available and mix and match to your heart's desire.

Beyond just showcases for PC parts and peripherals, Aftershock wants to present customers with an easy visualisation of not only how your custom PC would look, but to that extent, how your desk setup or even room setup will be like. Friends are always great, and this is where Omnidesk and Secretlab come into play.

Right beside them will be where you can find two of the major gaming brands in the industry facing each other, Razer and Logitech. It is kind of interesting, to say the least, for it feels like you have to choose one over the other. In any case, the whole idea is that you will be able to try out any of the products from either of the brands before you decide to purchase. A very important aspect especially when choosing your gaming mouse of choice.

Around the back is where Aftershock has dubbed the Audio Zone and Display Zone. A good gaming PC only goes so far if there isn't a good display and audio experience to go along with it. The one amazing thing about the Display Zone is not just the fact that you get to see for yourself a variety of monitors brands such as their very own Prism+ or from the likes of Asus, but that even for the average Joe, you'll be able to understand how the specifications of a monitor will perform in accordance with the specifications of a PC. There are charts behind that easily show the performance of popular graphics cards and how they match up against resolutions and frame rates for some of the popular games out there.

For example, if you want to game at 4K 144Hz, you will definitely want to consider getting yourself at least an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080. But if say you only intend to game at 1080p 144Hz or even 240Hz and beyond, perhaps an RTX 3060 would be more than enough.

At the end of the corner, we have The Forge, which is basically an area that will allow anyone who wants to get into PC building to have a better understanding of each and every part and the entire process as a whole. Should you still need more help, there will be friendly and equally enthusiastic staff around to assist you. Additionally, this is also where fans of Aftershock can enjoy on-demand parts upgrades for both Aftershock desktops and laptops at really competitive rates.

Last but not least, the grand reveal. Aftershock is also launching Mash, their new custom mechanical keyboard brand!

Custom mechanical keyboards are a growing trend, no doubt accelerated thanks to the whole pandemic situation. Most of us are at home typing away at our keyboards, clearing emails and replying to messages for hours on end. So why not elevate that experience considering the amount of time spent on it?

The whole premise behind a custom mechanical keyboard is the ability and freedom to select each and every individual part to build a keyboard that's tailored to your very own preference. A keyboard for you and you only. Choose everything from the frame, down the switches and stabilizers, lube them if you want, and finish it off with your choice of keycaps for that touch of personality.

With Mash, the world of custom mechanical keyboards will be made much more readily available and approachable to the masses and they are doing their very best to ensure a steady supply of parts.

You'll be able to choose from great brands such as KBDFans, Akko, Glorious and Keychron for the cases and choose from a multitude of options for switches from the likes of Gateron, Kailh, Akko, Novelkeys and much much more.

The famous NovelKeys Creams, anybody?

And for keycaps, you will have even more options in all sorts of different colours and themes. 9009 is a real classic looker or perhaps go for Black & Pink for a little dash of fun. Whichever you choose, most of the keycaps are made of PBT in either Doubleshot or Dye-Sub, either of which will ensure your keycaps stay looking fresh for a long time without any worry about the legends fading.

Now just like The Forge, Mash also has quite a space for customers to sit down and build their brand new keyboard on the spot. Something you might be inclined to do especially if you're new to the hobby and might want a little help from the experts. After all, you don't want to accidentally pop out a hot-swap socket just because you were installing the switch incorrectly.

If you're interested, you can actually check out what Mash has to offer via their website so you'll be able to see what's available to choose from before actually making your way down.

Honestly, it's been quite a blast to walk around the entire Aftershock experiential centre and take a look at the all-new Mash. Aftershock has even codenamed this grand project of theirs, Endgame, which is all too fitting. In fact, the 7,000 ft² experiential centre is but just the first part of more to come. Aftershock is intending to revamp the entire custom PC consumer journey which will also include an expanded 8,000 ft² Aftershock Service Centre and a revamped 11,000 ft² production bay. When completed, Aftershock might just be the largest dedicated custom PC production and experiential space here in Singapore.

Both the new Aftershock experiential centre and Mash will be open to the public starting from 19th February 2022, 10AM and it's located at B Central, 994 Bendemeer Road, #05-07, Singapore (339943).

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