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  • Soon Kai Hong

Aftershock PC Expands With A 7,000 ft² Experiential Centre For Everything Gaming And Introduces Mash

10 years is certainly a long time and definitely a noteworthy milestone for Aftershock. They started from humble beginnings and are arguably the leading custom PC builder in Singapore. What better way to celebrate their decade anniversary than to expand with a whole new 7,000 ft² experiential centre that will certainly bring out the child in you.

Upon entering, you will be immediately greeted with the expansive space, where you'll be able to get a glimpse of what this whole new experiential centre has to offer. At the front are their custom desktop PCs ranging from their Optimal Performance Series such as the Rapid or the Horizon to the Extreme Watercooled Series like the Ultracore Mini or the Mainframe.

Each and every desktop is decked out with an accompanying monitor as well as their Oden mechanical gaming keyboard and Hexar gaming mouse. And really, the key benefit here is that you can literally try out the systems filled with various configurations to play the games that you want to play but more importantly, to understand how it will perform and evaluate your options across varying price points.