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Adobe Introduces New AI-Powered Image Generation Tools

Adobe has announced the launch of its latest image-generation technology, aimed at competing with startups that have been challenging its core business.

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Credits: REUTERS

The new tools can draw inspiration from uploaded images and replicate their style, allowing users to generate images that match a specific aesthetic. This move is part of Adobe's ongoing efforts to stay ahead in the rapidly evolving AI landscape.

Startups like Midjourney and Stable Diffusion have posed a threat to Adobe's customer base of creative professionals who rely on tools like Photoshop. In response, Adobe has been aggressively developing its own image-generation technology and integrating it into its software programs.

The newly unveiled tools include a feature called "Generative Match," which enables users to generate images based on a few words of text. Additionally, users can upload a small number of images (as few as 10 to 20) to serve as a basis for generating new images. This functionality allows for the automatic creation of hundreds or even thousands of images for various purposes, such as websites, social media campaigns and print advertisements.

Ely Greenfield, Adobe's chief technology officer for digital media, explained that the aim is to simplify the image generation process for big brands. By uploading a handful of product or character photos, these brands can leverage generative technology to quickly produce a large volume of images tailored to their specific needs.

Adobe has assured its customers that the generated images will be legally safe to use. The company revealed that its customers have already generated three billion images using its tools, with one billion of them being created in the past month alone.

In addition to image generation, Adobe has also introduced tools for generating vector graphics, which are easily resizable and commonly used for logos and product labels. Furthermore, the company has unveiled tools for creating templates for brochures and other marketing materials.

It's worth noting that Adobe has confirmed that the prices for these new tools will remain unchanged from the previously announced increases in September.

  • Adobe has launched new image-generation tools that can replicate the style of uploaded images.

  • The tools aim to compete with startups challenging Adobe's core business.

  • Users can generate images based on a few words of text or a small number of uploaded images.


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