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  • Cheryl Tan

A Tour at Tech Able’s New Crib

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

After almost a year, we drop by Tech Able’s new space at Enabling Village to check out what’s new. With even more products showcased that will assist persons with disabilities to live, work and play independently, you definitely want to check this unique space out!

The first thing you see at the entrance is a tactile map to help persons with visual impairments orientate themselves while moving around. The legend is in braille as well and helps people know what to expect in the space.

Another thing that immediately pops out is the laminated flooring. Perfectly level and laminated throughout the space, this is particularly useful for wheelchair users since they won’t have to worry about wheels snagging on carpet.

The Play & Innovation zone features tactile marking in front of screens displaying information to inform users that they’re under a directional speaker. For persons with visual impairments, they’re able to listen to a recording of what’s displayed on the screen for more information.

Moving on to the Home zone, there are three different spaces, a kitchen, living space and even a bedroom setup to showcase the multitude of products.

At the kitchen space, you can try out height adjustable counters, cabinets and kitchen tables. The cabinets are especially useful since they also extend outwards, which makes it great for wheelchair users, elderly or even just children.

There’s also a safety feature built into the counters so that if they hit something while moving, it automatically stops, as shown in the video above.

In the living space, you get to witness mainstream technologies such as voice assistant devices being used to assist around the house. By using Amazon Alexa, we were able to bring down the window blinds and even turn on the fan. It’s definitely an option to be considered for people who have physical disabilities.

The Work & Learn zone has many assistive technologies that are available for the public to try, but there are also QR codes that can be scanned to view videos and more information on individual products.

More information about the space and products available at Tech Able can be found on Tech Able’s website.

Note: Tech Able is temporarily closed to the public due to the COVID-19 situation. To learn more about Assistive Technology devices, scan the QR code at the end of the video or visit

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