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  • Cheryl Tan

5 Things You Can Do With The Google Nest Hub

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

If you have a Google Nest Hub, maybe all you’re using it for is to watch YouTube videos or display recipes right now, but here are 5 more things you can do with it.

1. Watch Live News

In the kitchen prepping breakfast but still want to get your daily updates from Sky News, BBC or other news sites? You can leave the news running on the Google Nest Hub’s screen while you move around your kitchen getting your day started!

2. Monitor Your Security Camera

Because there’s a screen, you can actually view the feed from your connected security cameras just by asking!

3. Help To Remember Passwords and Where You Left Items

Since Google Assistant is built-in, you’ll be able to ask your Nest Hub to remember where you’ve left items in your house, and even your passwords (although we highly recommend against that)! The next time you ask your Nest Hub where you’ve left a specific item, it’ll be able to tell you exactly where it is.

4. Find & Display Your Google Photos

Digital photo frames are great, you’ll get to display a multitude of photos that hold sentimental value without having to print each one out and frame them up. Thanks to the Nest Hub’s screen, you’ll be able to run a slideshow of all the photos you’ve saved to your Google Photos!

You can also ask Google to find photos from a specific date or vacation, like if you’ve been to Paris.

5. Your Day At A Glance

Want to get your day off to a good start? Just tell the Nest Hub “Hey Google, good morning”, and useful information will pop up on the screen.

You’ll be able to see what’s on your schedule, what the weather is like and even the best route to take from home to work!

The Google Nest Hub is available at all COURTS stores and Southeast Asia’s first Google Experience Zone in COURTS Funan.

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