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  • Cheryl Tan

5 Things You Can Do Hands-Free With BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Is the 2019 BMW 3 Series really the smartest car you can sit in at the moment? Check out these five things you can do with BMW’s Intelligent Personal Assistant.

1. Personalising Your BMW Intelligent Personal Assistance

You can call your car whatever you’d like now. Once you tell the car to change the “activation word”, you’ll be able to type in the alphabets, scroll through a list with the dial or even use the touchpad to write each alphabet out.

2. Voice Direction Matching

Wouldn’t it be a bummer if you gave the car a command to change your aircon temperature but it changed the vents at the rear seats instead? No such thing here, the car will actually locate where the command came from, and execute the command after taking into context such as location of the voice.

3. Controlling BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant using Voice

Need to check on the weather or current speed limit of the road you’re currently driving on? Just call out to your car and ask away! The results will either be displayed on the on-screen display or read out to you. In Charlotte’s case, she asked about the speed limit and both the limit and her current driving speed were shown on the display.

4. Checking Your Car Health While On The Go

Tired of not knowing when you need to refill your tyres? Now all you have to do is ask, and your car will be able to tell you if your tyre pressure is okay or if you’ll need to head to a petrol station to top up your tank.

5. Changing Ambient Lighting and Intensity Based On Your Preference

There are slim light strips in the car which can be adjusted, but why fiddle with dials or a screen when you can just change it with your voice? Let your car know what colour you’d like to change the ambient light to, or better yet, if you say you’re tired then the car will automatically set the lights to something a little more energetic to try and keep the driver awake.

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