5 Features Of Oppo’s ColourOS 11

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Google announced the stable build of Android 11 at the start of September, and phone makers are trying to get their own mobile operating system updates out to keep up.

Oppo is one of the first phone makers to announce their beta for ColourOS 11, based on Android 11 and named similarly to help users know which version of Android their Oppo smartphone is running.

Here are five cool features that Oppo will be introducing with ColourOS 11.

1. Three Finger Translate

There are plenty of ways to translate content in other languages, but they’re not quite convenient. You might have to copy a chunk of text before putting it into a translation app like Google Translate. And that won’t even work if you’re trying to translate text in a photo you’ve received or downloaded.

Oppo has worked with Google for their new Three Finger Translate feature, which allows users to long-press three fingers to the screen to capture a portion of it for translation. This works with text on web pages, photos and even on the home page with apps or the settings page.

2. Dark mode settings

Previously, Dark mode was just Dark mode. You get a single standard dark theme applied across your phone’s apps, but it might not be applied to third-party apps like Twitter. Furthermore, perhaps you’d like a more contrasted Dark mode, or a gentler Dark mode that’s not so harsh.

With ColourOS 11, there’s now Enhanced, Medium and Gentle Dark modes to choose from, with a jet black, charcoal grey and medium grey theme that offers plenty of options for users depending on their preferences.

There are also options to adjust wallpapers and icons to Dark mode, as well as to reduce contrast in low light conditions and an Auto-switch button that changes to Light mode at sunrise.

3. Oppo Relax 2.0

For people who need a break from their stressful day, relaxing with a bit of background noise is always a good option. The Oppo Relax app has a whole bunch of ambient sounds, like nighttime camping, Summer Seashore and more. You can choose from hearing waves crashing onto the shore, or the comforting crackle of a campfire. What’s more, you can even adjust the sound mix. Don’t like the cicadas chirping away? Just lower that part or remove it entirely!

And since we can’t travel right now, Oppo is bringing the sounds of cities around the world directly to us. There’s an Explore tab which allows users to download sounds from cities like Beijing, Tokyo, Bangkok, Reykjavik and more.

4. Customisable Always-On Display

Always-On Displays (AOD) are great for getting a glimpse of the time and notifications, but they aren’t always all that aesthetic to look at. Oppo’s solved that by allowing users to customise their own AOD screens with an animated pattern.

Users can choose the colour, pattern and even how it spreads out over the screen. After that, you get a choice of what colour you want the text to be, as well as what’s displayed on the AOD. It’s a small feature, but it definitely is a nice touch.

5. Super Power Saving Mode

Most people won’t be a stranger to power saving mode, but what’s special about Oppo’s Super Power Saving Mode is that it allows users to choose 6 apps that can be used in that mode. Furthermore, Oppo claims that users will be able to send messages on WhatsApp for up to 90 minutes on a phone that only has 5% battery left.


Credit: Oppo

The ColourOS 11 beta is slowly rolling out for Oppo phones, and some users might already be able to download the software update. If you’re worried about bugs and glitches though, it’s always safer to wait until the stable build is out before updating.