3 Cool Features To Take the Chore Out of Laundry With Samsung’s Latest Range of Smart Washers

Laundry is a necessary chore a few times a week, especially in a hot and humid climate like ours, and many in Singapore would definitely love to spend less time doing their laundry.

Samsung QuickDrive Washer & Dryer 2

Samsung’s smart washing machines and dryers with its QuickDrive washing mechanism cuts laundry time by half, saving you precious time and saving you power consumption in the process.

Here are some cool features in the newest washing machines that help with that.

Q Drum

Samsung first introduced the Q Drum technology a couple of years ago – promising to revolutionize the way washing machines move your clothes around.

Q Drum does not just spin the laundry around as a conventional washer does, it also pushes it back and forth, giving your clothes the extra agitation it needs to shake off dirt and bacteria out in less time.

Samsung Q Drum

Credit: Samsung

The main drum and the backplate of Samsung QuickDrive washers move independently from each other, ensuring clothes are shaken and agitated in all different directions.

This process reduces washing time to just 39 minutes in the SuperSpeed cycle mode.

Q-Bubble and EcoBubble

The cute-sounding names of this new technology do more than just seem cute.

Samsung developed EcoBubble, a revolutionary way to enhance and speed up suds production in the wash so detergent penetrates the surfaces of fabrics faster and more efficiently.

By introducing air, water, and liquid laundry detergent into the wash cycle, bubbles form faster than conventional washers.

q-bubble samsung

Credit: Samsung

Together with additional water shots of the Q-Bubble technology and Q Drum’s dynamic motion, bubbles form and penetrate faster in the wash cycle.

No More Guessing and Estimations

Intelligent features are standard in the QuickDrive Washing machines.

It is no secret that detergent makers have not been very transparent about the amount of detergent or fabric conditioners, one capful, half a cap, 2 capfuls? But each brand has a different cap, with no measurement inside.

Samsung claims four AI sensors will be able to determine the right amount of detergent for every load, and even wash your clothes longer if it senses that it is not thoroughly clean yet.

First, it determines the weight of your wash, then the amount of water needed. From the dirt residue, it can detect how soiled your clothes are – and then dispenses just the right amount of detergent, based on regular liquid detergent.

Machine learning also means the washers will be able to predict your most commonly used cycles and settings and put those at the top of the list for easy access the next time you load your laundry. Those settings are then communicated directly to separate dryers so your dryer knows exactly what kind of clothes you are washing.

Samsung QuickDrive Washer & Dryer

Credit: Samsung

The new line up of QuickDrive washers and dryers will be available at the Samsung Online Store and major electronic retailers by April 2021.


Written by Timothy Go