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1 in 4 Smartphones Sold in Malaysia is a Xiaomi, Extends Market Domination

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

After selling so many smartphones, does it show how much Xiaomi is loved in Malaysia?

Slightly more than six months after Xiaomi took second place for the most smartphones sold in 2021, as per the Canalys Smartphone Market Pulse Q2 2021 report, a new report that specifically focused on Malaysia confirmed that Xiaomi is the top dog for Android smartphones in the country.

According to the Canalys Smartphone Analysis for February 2022, Xiaomi managed to overtake its primary market rival – Samsung. The chart (below) shows that the Chinese smartphone and smart-home manufacturer achieved a 93% sales growth for 2021, outselling the Korean smartphone giant by 3%.

Interestingly, Samsung still managed to grow its market share, holding a solid 22%. Other brands in the Top 5 – Vivo, OPPO and Realme – have lost ground as they now only have, respectively, 18%, 16% and 8%. The remaining 11% is spread across other Android smartphone players, like Honor, Nokia and Sony.

Credit: Xiaomi (Table) / Canalys (Tracking Data)

As a refresher, Huawei is not even in contention as it has long left the Google Mobile Services ecosystem. Honor, meanwhile, should be making its quick return to the sales charts now that it is no longer affiliated with Huawei.

Credit: Xiaomi (Table) / Canalys (Tracking Data)

Meanwhile, in Singapore, Xiaomi is the third-best-selling smartphone brand, holding a 15% market share and an astonishing 248% annual growth.

On the worldwide front, Xiaomi is still trailing behind both Apple and Samsung, though the difference in shares is not by much. Based on the Canalys Smartphone Analysis for January 2022, the top 3 have respectively captured 20%, 17%, and 14% of the consumer market.

Credit: Canalys

Notably, even in this adverse socio-economic situation, global sales of smartphones are still climbing.

According to Canalys, for the whole of 2021, some 1.35 billion smartphones have been shipped out – translating to a 7% year-on-year increase from 2020 and nearly matching the 1.37 billion units sold in 2019.

Credit: Canalys

“The pandemic has not softened the high-end smartphone segment,” said Le Xuan Chiew, Canalys Research Analyst.

With Xiaomi – via its sub-brands, Redmi and Poco – addressing consumers who prefer to purchase affordable mid-range to high-spec smartphones, it will certainly be an uphill climb for Samsung to grab back market share in Malaysia.

  • Xiaomi reinforces market share leadership for Malaysia with 93% growth for its sales

  • Globally, Xiaomi is still in third place, behind Apple and Samsung

  • Demand for smartphones are still climbing despite the global economy becoming bearish

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