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  • Kyle Chua

Xpeng AeroHT Shares First Looks at eVTOL, Modular Flying Car Concepts

Updated: Dec 18, 2023

Xpeng is turning the otherworldly flying car concepts from sci-fi movies into reality.

Xpeng AeroHT
Credits: Xpeng AeroHT

The Chinese automaker's flying car division, Xpeng AeroHT, shared first looks at two fully road-driving vehicle concepts that are also capable of flying at Xpeng's fifth annual Tech Day in Guangzhou, China.

One of which resembles a two-door coupe at first glance. Look closer, however and you'll notice that its proportions are somewhat unusual, underscored by an elongated rear, which is where the vehicle's flight mechanisms are hidden. Touch a button and the frame on the roof emerges, extending the four arms that hold the eight propellers allowing the electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) vehicle to fly.

Not much else is known about the prototype yet. But Xpeng did share that it'll feature transparent doors to increase visibility while flying, along with cameras in place of traditional mirrors and an exterior made largely by carbon. The motor giant also said the concept vehicle weighs about 1,000 kg and is expected to ship some time next year with a starting price of 1 million Yuan (close to US$137,000).

Alongside it, Xpeng also unveiled what it calls the Modular Flying Car. The van-like vehicle, which the automaker calls the "mothership", doesn't work as an eVTOL, meaning it doesn't fly. Instead, it's a land-based aircraft carrier housing a more compact drone that can be deployed at will.

Xpeng AeroHT
Credits: Xpeng AeroHT

The vehicle itself sits up to five passengers and has three axles, all of which can be powered by electric motors. Meanwhile, the drone can sit up to two passengers, has a 270-degree field of view out of its cockpit and features its own autonomous flying systems.

While Xpeng says the best use for the vehicle is in emergency rescue operations, it's not against the idea of selling it to private customers. The company said eVTOL prototypes, specifically those that transform, are hard to develop and manufacture, so it's counting on these modular alternatives to help it put out new mobility solutions in the near future.

At this point though, it's yet unclear whether the two vehicles would one day make it to market. Xpeng did say that it's working closely with civil authorities in China to find safe ways to deploy these technologies in a safe manner.

  • Xpeng AeroHT shared first looks at two fully road-driving vehicle concepts that are also capable of flying at Xpeng's fifth annual Tech Day in Guangzhou, China.

  • One of which is a two-door eVTOL that features a sleek, coupe-like exterior and eight propellers for flying.

  • The other, meanwhile, is van-like carrier housing a two-passenger drone that can be deployed at will.

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