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Xiaomi 12 Review : Evolution Done Right

Evolution in its entirety is a process that takes years to mould into something new, and even though "perfection" doesn't really exist in the real world, perfecting what didn't work in versions before says a lot about what Xiaomi's been planning behind the scenes.

With the likes of Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 inside, to a stunning new 50MP pro-grade camera and impressive computational photography, to a design that's evolved in the right direction but not exactly new from other flagships that came out last year. So can this flagship earn its place in a fast paced market? Or does growth matter most over everything else? Let's dive deep into the Xiaomi 12.

Keeping in mind that 2021 held some really great releases, the ones Xiaomi launched played their own hand in creating some decent looking but not fully premium feeling phones.

This Xiaomi 12 on the other hand weighing 180g and 69.9mm wide, feels like it has a solid build with high-grade aluminium chassis and glass back covered with a material that rejects any form of material from sticking to the backplate. So no fingerprints here, and it's also nice to see th