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  • Cheryl Tan

X-Mini Liberty+ Review: This True Wireless Earphone Punches Way Above Its Price Point

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Written by Cheryl Tan


As with most audio products, performance is usually linked to the price you pay. There are the occasional products that perform better than what their pricetag would suggest, and the X-Mini Liberty+ is one.

For just S$119.90, you get a pair of true wireless earbuds with 6mm graphene-coated dynamic drivers running on Bluetooth 5.0 for more stable connectivity. The Qualcomm chipset inside also allows for aptX support for better audio quality, and the total battery life is by far the longest we’ve tested, with 54 hours thanks to the additional five charges inside the carrying case. Individually though, the earbuds only have 9 hours of juice, which is on par with the Apple PowerBeats Pro.

The Liberty+ is also IPX7 rated, so you’ll be able to workout with these and not worry about sweat or rain damaging the insides. IPX7 theoretically allows for these to be submerged underwater up to 1 meter for no more than 30 minutes, but of course, I wouldn’t recommend that you try to go swimming with these.

Sound-wise, these really sound better than their pricetag suggests. The graphene-coated drivers result in a very decent amount of bass that is present without overpowering the highs. It’s not the smoothest or the strongest, but the bass is powerful enough and free of distortion at normal listening volumes.

The mids are clean, with guitars and percussion coming across nicely and accurately. I do feel that separation could be a bit better here, however. The treble is clear, but not as bright as other earphones in this price range can get. This works out well for people who are more prone to getting fatigued from brighter highs however.

The soundstage is probably the only quibble I have soundwise. It’s definitely not an expanded soundstage, and instruments do feel a bit clustered together. If you’re more inclined towards a wider soundstage, this won’t be for you.

Moving on to design, I do quite like the earbuds themselves. The shell is small and fits very comfortably in the ear. The passive noise isolation is decent and blocks out ambient noise easily. The earbuds do use physical buttons so there’s no risk of false touches due to sweat or brushing against them. The buttons aren’t too stiff either, so you won’t have to push the earbuds hard into your ears while trying to activate them.

The carrying case is honestly, one of the largest I’ve seen so far. But seeing as it contains enough battery for five additional charges, I think people who really want the ability to not have to charge their electronics will be very interested in this product.

More information about the Liberty+ and purchasing options can be found on X-Mini’s website.

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